Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sous Vide Hainanese Chicken Rice AGAIN!

I tried the same dish a few weeks ago and it is even better than the first time and all thanks to's recipe!

I don't think I will ever 随随便便 eat chicken rice EVER AGAIN!
Prepping by ourselves although takes more work and time but it is so much cheaper and so much more tastier than some of the chicken rice out there. My MOM will be so SHOCKED by my Hainanese Chicken! I wonder whether she has any appliances that I can DIY the Sous vide method so that I can 'show off' my new skill to her, hahahaha ...
There is really no standard how much ingredients to add, everything is by eyeballing, "agaration" (estimation)!

2 drumsticks with thighs just nice for the 2 of us!
Boil and steep the soup-based for the Sous Vide process, for about 20-30minutes.
Sous vide for another 45minutes, and 'tadah'!
I prep more sesame oil + soy sauce for the chicken and the rice

Skin is GEL-liked and doesn't feels disgusting or greasy at all, and the meat is tender and succulent.
Thumbs UP!
Maybe I can try out Sous vide Soy sauce chicken?

Refer to for recipe!

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