Friday, December 28, 2012

long time no Mee Hoon Kueh ...

Me and Hub is not big fan of Mee Hoon kueh BUT maybe my skill is not good enough then ...
This time round, I prep the soup base with Meaty Pork Bone, Pork stomach, Anchovies  Red dates and Onion; and pressure cooked it for 1 solid hour.

Then I add in prawn shells and brew the soup for another 20minutes and add in fish sauce, sugar and salt to add flavor  I also cooked the prawn separately and set aside. I don't like Prawns cooked too long in the soup with the rest of the ingredient.
The soup is "OH so sweet!"

Then I hand pulled the noodle and cooked them separately in another pot of boiling water, I hate the flourly taste that might affect the soup! After everything that should be parboil and set aside is done, I scoop out a bowl of soup and add an individual portion of all the ingredient into one pot and cooked them together, lastly add a egg. 

Alot of work, but OH SO WORTH IT!
Let's see what is in the bowl; Pork bone meat, Pork stomach, Shiitake mushroom, Enoki mushroom, Prawns  , egg and leftover Tong-Ho 茼蒿 (Garland Chrysanthemum) from all the steamboat session from last weekend!

Everyone of us still had one last bowl at about 11.30pm at night, this might means it is 'Oh SO GOOD!'. Gf loves soupy stuffs, I might do it again with just pork. Prawn in Texas is expensive, haha doing a Pork's version is more economical!

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