Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gucci and Longchamp!

December is really a month of giftings!
Dec is my birthday month, so I am given a FREE PASS to choose a present for myself. 

And atlas, I choose a BAG or 2!
I am just not a jewellery girl, I don't even wear earrings!
Gucci was my 2nd choice because Longchamp was on Clearance @ Nordstorm!
And then comes Gucci's Sales, hahahaha.
It's DECEMBER the month of Clearance ...

And I see this SO-ME design.
I hesitated because I am so afraid that the size might be bigger than expected, but in th end it came smaller than expected ...
But the Colour looks so GOOD!
A smaller than expected but a good size for me.
I cannot carry heavy bags now!
It's just about the size for my Nexus 7.
Below is the Limited Ed Fall 2012  Long Champ VICTOIRE short handed bag that I ordered looks good too and the material is so much better than what I expected! Long Champ bags are roomy and very light weight, European brand!

Told Hubba, maybe I should keep this and count it as my X'mas gift instead !

Just looking at the bag *blissssss*!

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