Sunday, December 23, 2012

'gf' 1st day in Dallas, TX

Off to the airport to 'collect' a gf!
She is studying in Wisconsin and coming down to Dallas for winter break and I CANNOT WAIT for a companion to come down!
Yeah, hello gf!
Brought her for a simple lunch first before proceeding to Grapevine Mills and going home for steamboat later!
Tex-Mex, what else?
It has a outdoor patio, so TOto can goes in with us but we 'locked' him up in his zippy stroller.
He is NOT happy which explains why he is BACK facing us.
I almost wanted to get this Vans shoes but gf decides she wanted to get 2 for the BUY1Get1-50 off.
One of the cute leather Vans she gotten.
Bags got the same promo too, and she gotten 2!
ME waiting for her in F21 because it is toooooo messy to shop in!
But it is one of the larger store in Dallas's area.
We also gotten some stuffs from Abercrombie Outlet, one of the more worthwhile store to visit in Grapevine Mills. But by then it is already 7pm, and we have to rush home for dinner and TOto is MAD bored with all these shopping trip!

见面礼 from her, hahaha!
Our sumptous Pre-X'mas dinner!
Very SHIOK on a cold cold night ...

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