Saturday, December 8, 2012

Crochet: Bedroom Slipper

Another You-Tube project and this time by bobwilson123
Same thing as the last crochet project, I just followed blindly.
Positioned my tablet, and these are the selected yarn's colour.
The slippers are slowly showing up ...
But the measurement was abit OFF, and it was too big after being stretched.
The 2nd of the pair, has a better fit.
It is really too loose, and the slipper slips out easily ...
But cute right?
I decide to do a ballet style lace for the 2nd slipper.
On the next day, I decide to 'CUT' thread and resize my slipper but was too lazy to do the edging, so I keep everything simple, and it becomes a simple Mary Jane! I have 2 different pattern of shoe, so cute right, hahaaha!

Really keep my feet cold in winter!
But too slippery to wear on Tiles flooring.
Hmmmm, what's next?

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