Saturday, December 29, 2012

Amigurumi Unicorn by Littleyarnfriends

Spotted this cute unicorn by Littleyarnfriends and I couldn't resist and starts crocheting away right after girly ghost! I should have used prettier coloured yarn, these combination of yarn colours makes my Unicorn looks like a giraffe!
I like to start my amigurumi with the HEAD!
And all amigurumi head looks alike, hahaha.
The yarns I am using ...
It took me over 3 days to finish the product, and this is one of the largest amigurumi I have done!
And now the most difficult part, placing and sewing them together!
I hate this part MOST because any imbalance of placement, the amigurumi will look so weird ...
End product, CUTE bo?
And it CAN STAND!!!
This is by far one of my BEST stitched with most of the parts uniformed and the stitches tight!
I am addicted to amigurumi ...


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