Sunday, December 2, 2012

Amigurumi - My first Successful Labbit!

Random surfing for amigurumi patterns brought me to, 
I hesitated for the longest time before plunging myself FULL time into finishing her pattern! It was a good bad start. The head was good but I had 2 different sizes ears, one so much bigger and longer than the other one! 

Hahhahaha ~
Looks so easy but the counting can kill me, and with my uneven stitches, I always ends up with different sizes limbs, hahahaha!

Big, small paws ...
And the most difficult part is attaching all the limb together via 'SEWING' ; worst nightmares!
But in the end, I persevere and MADE IT!
Not perfect but looks SIMILAR?
The original Spring Rabbit has such a COOL evil eyes but my rabbit just look so KIND and CUTE!

And labbit just want to says 'HELLO', with the placement of his paws!
Perfect X'mas tree decor!
End product, looks so cute and cuddly right?
I have a much bigger rabbit because I used a 2.5mm hook instead of a 2mm recommended ...
Labbit's gf next ...

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