Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 冬至快乐!

I didn't have any plan of doing any 汤圆 DIY but we forget them on our grocery trip. I requested Hubba to go to the grocery after his work but he is lazy to do it and luckily I saw the blog post from Carol's 自在生活-黑芝麻湯圓, it must be some 'SUPERnatural power' telling me that I have to DIY myself. 

Plus I ONLY eat the type of 汤圆 with fillings so I have 'extra' work, hahaha!
Ingredients :
Fillings : Black Sesame powder 100 gm, Confectionery Sugar 60 gm and Lard 40 gm
Skin : Glutinous rice flour 120 gram, Cold water 90 gm
Please refer original site for all the steps.
The filling easy peasy just mix them well, and roll them into balls; and set them to the fridge to harden them up for later use.

The flour part was abit tricky, I couldnt get the flour to be non-stick. The flour sticks EVERYWHERE! I had difficult rolling them out properly to stuck my fillings in and made a mess but I per·se·vere and just carry on. I was scared that most of the skin will split and I have a pot of messy Sesame seed paste SOUP instead!

I sliced some ginger, added Pandan leaves and brown palm sugar into a pot of boiling water; and stay praying ...
Luckily NON of them break, and all of the dumpling survived the hot water attacked!
And we had 10 chewy QQ, FRESH Sesame Seed fillings 汤圆!

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