Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nyonya Assam Pork

Found another version of Braised Pork Belly; Nyonya Assam braised Pork Belly. 
It is really very very similar to Terengganu's style except the Nyonya-style uses Tamarind sauce instead of Kecap manis and other than that the rest of the ingredient are creepily similar!
I didn't use exact ingredients of any particular recipe, I uses what I have on hand and what I can easily get; and all ingredient based on rough estimation.

But for your reference : 
Ingredients: 500gram Pork Belly + Marinated Sliced Pork, 2-3 tbsp rock sugar and a dash salt.
Paste: 4-5 Shallots, 1 lemongrass, 5-6 cloves garlic, 1 tbsp shrimp paste, 2 tbsp Salted soy bean and 1/4 cup Tamarind sauce.
I didn't have all the different fanciful spices but I believe I used the very bare minimum for doing this dish.
Jammed them into a mushy paste ...
I used all my leftover MEAT in the freezer!
I have the habit of pre-panfrying the Pork Belly. I find that this pre-step keeps the Pork belly in shaped and it won't shrink when you braised them later on!
Click on for the rest of my step-by-step pictorials
Add oil, and saute the paste till fragrance. I read somewhere it should be pre-fry till the paste and oil are separated but I didn't really reach this step, maybe I didn't really used alot of oil but by the end of my saute-ing my paste has become darker shade and rather dry before adding the meat. Pour in the tamarind sauce and drizzled in the kecap manis, and lastly add the rock sugar. Cover the meat with enough water/broth, high heat till boiled and lower heat to simmer and braised them for another 45minutes till Pork becomes tender/cooked.

Hmmmm, we still preferred the Taiwanese-style braised Pork Belly!
Taiwanese-style wins HANDS down, followed by Terengganu-style. Maybe we are just not the 'Sour-y' type of people and preferred the sweet, salty type. The tamarind gives its sour-ish, tangy, and sweet taste in the dish; not particularly over-powering but maybe it is just not our cup of tea.
But seriously PORK belly is just good with ANYTHING!
Thumbs up for trying, thou. 
Nyonya's food is really an acquired taste for all the different layer of taste in their dish, or maybe; I just didn't use enough of all the different spices that are use by some of the bloggers out there? Well, we will never know unless I take a trip to Melaka again?

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