Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kaya Jam again!

Updated : A more successful Part 2 @ Nov 12, 2012 Kaya Jam again! Part TWO ...
I finally summon enough courage to try out KAYA again. 
Although this is something so simple to many people but why is it sooooooooooo complicated to me? 

Now I know the answer is, 'PATIENCE'! 

I have tried twice and failed miserably, my batter 'cooked' and curdled within 5 minutes into the cooking and I thought,"My fire already very low leh!". But I never know how 'LOW' is 'LOW' as mentioned by EVERYONE on internet. How do you determine low, when no one gives you and exact estimate in Degree C or F! So it's a wonder why I can be successful in trying out SOUS VIDE and yet fail miserably at something so basic like; KAYA.
And this time round, I 'try' not to act clever and found Grace kitchen corner's recipe. She only using 2 eggs and 200ml of coconut milk. I think this is a doable recipe for just the 2 of us because for one such homemade recipe just doesn't keep well for long.
Ingredient : 2 Eggs, 200ml Coconut Milk, 170gram Sugar, a drop of pandan paste and a dash of salt.
Hubba comments, "Almost there but seems like something is amiss!", and I suddenly remember I forget the dash of salt! So now it will always be a mystery until I do another batch ...
Click on to see how the color and texture of the batter slowly changes ...
Mix all the ingredient together and sieve the batter. 
I realized the egg whites in the batter just doesn't mix well  and it just looks clumpy. 
After sieving, the mixture is smooth and clump-free. 

I stir the batter using medium low (4) initially and slowly I switch to low (2.5). 
My stove fire is low at (0) and high at (9).
When the sugar melted (I used Demarara Sugar), I added the pandan paste and the batter turns into a ugly dark green!
I just stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred for the full 45minutes ...
It is a very slow process and I can see the batter slowly getting thicker and thicker.
I never once leaves my stove and I kept my EYES on the batter.
I do not want anything to go wrong this time round.
I guess for the more experience, and with very low fire; you might not need to stand there and stir the whole one full hour.

This is my double boiling setup, the top bowl never touches the water of the pot beneath.
@40minutes point, I know I have to stop because the batter has become thick and I know it will get thicker after it cools down! Most people stir for 1 hour so I suspect my fire is still abit high.
This time round, it looks just GREAT right?
Or maybe it just looks great to ME!
But why so DARK GREEN? 
Hmmmm is it because I added Demerara sugar (a type of brown sugar); so brown + green = VERY DARK green!??
No matter what colour, it is good enough for me and hubba to have for supper on a cold windy night!
After cooling off, the kaya did get a tad thicker but it is smooth and still has the jam-custardly texture! 
It is no YAKUN but for homesick people like us, this is good enough!
I just need a hot hot cup of KOPI-O!

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