Monday, November 12, 2012

Kaya Jam again! Part TWO ...

I am so excited, I have to show the world the result of using really really low temperature for stirring KAYA!

Tonight, at about 10.30pm; Hubba says he wants to use 1 hours to restring his tennis racket, and since I had nothing to do, I might as well spend the time to 'practice' KAYA stirring! And plus, we had finished the previous batch of Kaya last weekend and Hubba agree that he would like to have more Kaya!

This time round, I used smaller fire and really stirred for the full 1 hour and more.
(Note : Fire (2) for first half hour, then Fire (1) for next 20 minutes, continue with Fire (2) for 10 minutes and then finished off with Fire (3) for 5 minutes.)
This time round, I didn't bother to use room temperature eggs; I used eggs I took out from the fridge but I whisked my eggs for a longer time. I didn't bother to sieve the batter as well. I whisked the eggs, add the coconut milk and sugar and immediately double-boiled the Kaya batter.

After 1 hour and 5 minutes, the Kaya looks really watery and I had no confident of the texture but I "harden my heart" and left it to cool! I must believe in myself! 

This time round the Kaya was so much smoother, thinner and 滑口!
Even Hubba agree, "Got standard!", and the colour look so much better too. 
I only added 2 drops of pandan paste instead of half a teaspoon!
I surprised myself!
Now we can have unlimited flow of Yakun Kaya bread at home ...
Now that I look back and compared to the previous batch, I believe there is some curdling which explains the end product becoming so much thicker and not as smooth. It is almost JELLY-liked and rather thick when slapped on the bread!
Practice really makes PERFECT!

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