Friday, November 30, 2012

What have I been doing lately???

Took up a new hobby FINALLY!

And I bought a bunch of different yarns even before starting ...
It would be so embarassing if I don't have any result to show.

My first project, and I used a old yarn that I have at home.
A amigurumi beginner's program and a new lighted mirror I just bought from Ulta!
Finishing soon, with ugly inconsistent stitches!
Fat and UGLY, hahah and a big and small flipper because I used different stitches!
Next a simple cover for my Nexus!

TOok me some time, with all the boring stitches ...
And later I decide to 'spruce' the boring cover up with a ornament ...
I practiced with my old yarn again!
I decide to choose the cute bow!
Simple and cute?
Then I try out a Peter pan collar on Black Friday while waiting for time to go shopping!

Looking GOOD!
Cute but the yarn is real UGLY~
And I start another project for a Bottle holder ...

Looks cute, but in the end I find a wrong stitch so the rest of the stitch feels abit off! But it's ok, I can use it anyway. These are not for sale ...
A fingerless hand mitten, cute!?

The thumb hole too big, hahahaha!
A even more ambitious project, a beanie!
Finishing soon!
End result with a flower ...
The flower is too heavy, and instead I prep a flat RIBBON!
Decide to do another amigurumi but at the almost finish point, I lose a stitch and just cannot get a count where I can continue, so I gave up the project ...
And my most recent project, the Peter pan collar again!
People is actually selling the same thing for $25.00, so crazy!
More projects to come ...

Most of the projects I had done, I followed the YouTube step-by-step, and I still couldn't read patterns at all! Hopefully slowly I can understand written patterns!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cheesecake Amore @ Mckinney, TX (Worst Dinner ever)

We planned to use up one of our groupon's voucher today at Cheesecake Amore. The restaurant looks quaint and cosy and with the tree right in front of the restaurant  it makes the restaurant's exterior, looking very Italian Cottage style ...
But our day actually starts with an Art Festival with TOto, and you can read it here.
We are the first few customers to arrives and we didn't makes a reservation so we are seated at the Bar Counter. The restaurant sure is small, which explains why if you are coming, its NECESSARY to make a reservation.
There were notmuch variety of food offered, and based on our Groupon voucher we can choose; 1 appetizer  2 main entree and 1 dessert.
It seems like most people are here for the wines and alcohol that is available here but we don't drink and hubba ordered a can of coke.
We ordered the Crab Cake for apeptizer, and both of us like it and agrees that it is freshly made and not the frozen types. We are impressed with the first dish and had very high expectation for the main entree that will be coming soon!
Every main entree comes with a small plate of very plain Cesar Salad.
*Not Impress*
I ordered the Salmon with Garlic Dijon Sauce.
Looking at the presentation, *NOT IMPRESS* again!
And my Hubba ordered the Chicken Amor.
When his ordered came, I am not even sure where is his chicken. This is the smallest piece of chicken breast I see on a plate in a restaurant setting!
OK let's be real.
There is only ONE WORD; SUCKS!

The salmon is pan fried with some random seasoning and pan-fried till the fish is too dry to be swallowed down. And if your fish is THAT SUCKY at least make sure the sauce is good to coverup the dry fish. Firstly the sauce just tasted sourish, and nothing else. There is NO DIMENSION to the sauce, it's like literally adding Dijon to Ketchup and called them 'sauce' and I was given that little bit of sauce, it doesn't helps with the DRY FISH at all! And, I was discussing with Hubba how come a oily fish like Salmon can be so dry and there isn't any 'oily' Salmon taste at all. And we both came to the CONCLUSION, the Salmon is FROZEN fish!

And they charges USD17+ for this piece of FROZEN JUNK!

Next, The Chicken Amore is the same, the chicken breast is just DRY and tough! The sauce is nothing to boast about too. Hubba says the sauce just tasted like most prepacked sauce you find in Walmart!

We really have to 'FORCE' ourselves to finish the dishes because it is not us to waste food. But in actual fact Hubba finished most of it. I just couldn't stomach the freaking DRY and TOUGH salmon!
The mashed is OK, normal kinda of mash that I CAN DO better at home too! Maybe the mashed is abit better than KFC? This whole meal is just a DISASTER, and I cannot remember when I had such bad restaurant's food.

Dessert is next and hoping for the best ...
There were quite a variety of Cheesecake available, and we chosen the safe flavour; Chocolate.
After having some, we seriously doubt they are 'freshly' made too!
There is no 'freshness', it just tasted General too.
Nothing to boast about, it's cheesecake; FULLSTOP.
Don't be misleaded by our 'looked-liked' we are very happy photograph, hahaha!
This is definitely ONE of the WORST DINNER in a restaurant that I ever have!
I am not a very CHOOSY diner but this is really BAD BAD BAD BAD to the CORE. 
I think I can cook so much better than the CHEF! 
If they can serve these JUNK-DRY-tasteless; fish and chicken to a customer, the owner should really call GORDON RAMSEY to help save the business!

Don't waste your money if you are intending to get the Groupon Voucher, not worth the time to drives all the way over. Come to think of it, USD25.00 for this meal is totally NOT WORTH it!

Hubba comments,"It's worst than canteen food!"

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hmmm, I bought so much junk?

Hmmmm, I really didn't realized I bought that much junk this few months.
And these buys are the ones I remembered, hahaha!
Hmmmm, what have I forgotten?
I am really a 败金妻!

Just ordered these from F21 last night.
I really like the first "Off-white fleece jacket", and to enjoy the free shipping I have got to buy the rest to make up 50$! Good news for me, bad news for Hubba!
An email from resulted in Slipper for hubba and me because by Visa has this promotion; USD30 off USD60 for Hmmmmm, why not right? In the end we spend about USD37 for 2 pair of slippers!
WHY 2 wedgies? 
Because Famous Footwear having 1 for 1 50%, and additional 20% off whole purchase! 
I just couldn't resist!!
Looks good on my feet?
These designs are SOOoooOOoo me, but I don't wear heels in TEXAS, most probably will bring home to SG and show it off to my girlfriends, hahahaha!
Cute right my furry Steve Madden?
Groupon having promotion, and I want to prepare for WINTER at home, hahaha!
Crocs having clearance for this Cozy winter boots for USD30?
For some reason, I got it FREE; hahaha!
CHIO CHIO furry boots!
I have been wanting a furry boots like forever but they are freaking EXPENSIVE for the first few years that I am here. These types of furry boots are still expensive if not for the special clearance by CROCS!
It has been such a long time since I 'Update' my 'OLD' makeup!
So I decide to throw away some really old ones and get new ones ...
I decide to return the L'oreal BB cream.
When I came home to read reviews of the product online, the reviews were mostly bad!
What am I thinking BB cream is a Asian product, why did I get a "ang mo" brand?
But I truly love the L'oreal Infallible Eyeliner; stays well and easy to draw onto the eyelids.
After returning, I have to search for another BB cream and saw this highly rated "Skin79 VIP Gold Super Plus BB cream" selling cheap cheap for less than 10$ on Ebay. At the same time, I also bought "ETUDE HOUSE Baking Powder B.B. Deep Cleansing Foam" for cleaning the BB cream purposes. I have tried the Facial Cleanser, really cleanses the face well. I love it! 
And also the most basic necessity for me,  BIG EYE LENS!
I too VAIN laaaaaaaaaa ~
All these $$$ plastered on my face can at least minus 5years off me right?
Shucks my Hubba better don't see this post ...


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