Sunday, September 30, 2012

Steamed, Taro Cake or Yam Kueh! (芋头糕)

I realised TODAY, the recipes only calls for 300gram of Taro and I used 620gram instead. My eyes skipped the part of "peel and trim to yield about 300g" ...

The Taro I bought is already peeled and trimmed!
Taro kueh is 'Childhood' food to me. 
I don't particular like them or dislike them but I only eat them if grandma prep them and even then I don't particular favor them. It is just something we ate during CNY. And I will never eat them or buy them from outside. I am just not a Taro person, and I realised Hubba is not a Taro person too! But after doing the Spiral Mooncake, I still has leftover of 620gram of Taro, and what should I do with them!?
I kept asking Hubba, "Eat Yam rice ok mah?"
He says, "NO!" and it is a FIRM NO!
SO in my mind the easiest way to finish such a big lot of Taro is to put everything in the Taro Kueh, right?

I remember grandma used to prepare them once a year for Chinese New Year, and everyone of our relatives who comes visit, will take home some of the Taro kueh she prepared. I didn't know the 'big' hooohaaa then, but maybe until today! It is actually ALOT of work and where the hell did grandma find time, when she still has to do up the the home, and then cook !?

I used Tigress Kitchen's recipe because her instruction is very precise and she even has a video for the whole process. I watched and rewatched her video to make sure I remember the process!
620gram Taro, 40gram Dried prawns, 30gram Chinese dried mushrooms, 100gram of shallot, 1 bulb Garlic and 1 Chinese Sausage.
Soak the dried prawns with 60ml of water and the dried mushroom with 180ml of water.
Sliced the Taro, and Shallots and diced up the chinese sausage and garlic.
After about 30-45minutes of soaking, set aside the water and diced up the Dried prawns and mushroom.
Seasoning : 80 ml Oil, Salt, Five-spice powder, Ground white pepper, Sugar and Chicken Powder

Starch Solution : 200gram Rice flour, 240 ml Mushroom + Dried prawn water and 600 ml Chicken stock, boiling.
First I prepare the shallot, fried them in oil and set the fried shallot and oil aside.
Then using the same wok, add shallot oil and fried the sliced Taro; add five spice powder and salt; set aside.
Then continue with the aromatics; garlic, dried prawns, chinese sausage, mushroom and don't forget to season them with five spice powder, salt and some sugar. Add  in Taro and at the very last stage dump in the fried shallots. Slot everything out and set aside to prep the starch solution.
Click to continue and my pictorial.

Stir 200gram Rice flour with, 240 ml Mushroom + Dried prawn water making sure the solution is lump free. AND add in the boiling HOT chicken broth and stir quickly making sure lump doesn't develop. Switch fire to  small and continues stirring till preferred consistency and add in the Taro mixture. As advised, the dryer the mixture the harder the end product so I guess the consistency will depends on individual ...
I forget how the video goes and end up stirring the starch + taro mixture for quite a while!
Kitchen Tigress's recipe sure has alot of extra steps but I know these ensure the ingredient is seasoned well. But if one is lazy, I think can just stir fry everything together!
I managed to dump all the mixture into one ball but the kueh ends up being very tall.
I Steamed the mixture for about 1 hour to ensure the 'TALL' kueh is fully cooked but original recipes calls for 45 minutes of steaming.
After unmoulding, everything looks so REAL and it tasted so yammmmmmy!
Packed full of Taro, dried prawns, and mushroom!
Every bite we take is all the yummmmy ingredients instead of rice flour!
Before I start I even tell Hubba,"I will make you change your mind about Taro Kueh!".
And I think I actually did that!
Bad, we will have to eat Taro Kueh for a few days!

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