Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sous Vide Hainanese Chicken Rice

There are many Hainanese Chicken rice recipes around but non can convince me that by boiling or steaming the chicken for so long, the method can retain the chicken 'Q-ness' and flavour. Usually these methods just dries up and harden the chicken meat. And it won't even be close to the Singapore's famous Hainanese Chicken rice, so I don't even bother trying something I know that will definitely FAIL! And, even in Singapore I only take the Thigh or drumstick's part which will always costs SG$0.50 more because it is more tender and Q!

And here comes foodcanon's Sous Vide method; I read it, and I am convince!
I didn't followed his recipe to the EXACT but just 'estimate' my way through because I am only prepping 2 drumstick. I wanted to get the boneless Chicken drumstick thigh but I can only get them in Hmart which is like a 30minutes drive away; so make do ...

Prep the 'Broth' for Sous vid-ing the Chicken in.
Ingredient : Ginger, Scallion, Stem of Cilantro, Pandan leaves, Onion and lemongrass.
(I found out later, I missed out some ingredients from foodcanon and added lemongrass subconciously!) 
Boil the veggies broth for 20minutes, and let cool the broth temperature to 78°C.
At this step the room is already smelling of CHICKEN RICE!!!

I abit 'kiasee" (scare to die), so I dropped in the 2 thighs when the temperature is at about 99°C. I was thinking, the chicken thigh is quite cold, so the temperature of the broth might drop drastically. The temperature indeed drop but not at a drastic speed.
I was lucky the Cooker temperature's, at knob '1' was kept constant at 78°C or 79°C so they isn't much monitoring to do. I just sat it out and waited one hour to go by easily! recommended 76°C but I do a higher temperature because I don't know the 'freshness' of the chicken here and I feels safer with using a higher temperature. SHOCK the chicken with ICE water bath right after the 1 hour is up, and when the chicken is 'shocked' and cool down. Se them aside.

The chicken ended looking 'more' cooked because I 'kiasee' and I used a higher temp.
Next use the leftover broth to cook the rice and the rest of the time preparing the 'sauce' for the chicken. THIS sauce is a MUST do, it helps flavour the rice and the chicken itself.
Ingredient sauce : Sesame oil, Soy sauce, Fish sauce, Oyster sauce, leftover chicken broth and sugar.
Optional to add in sauce : Root of Cilantro, and Scallion.
Drench the sauce evenly onto the chicken pieces!
If you still have leftover broth, prep the soup with a tad of sugar and salt.

Very time consuming but definitely worth all the effort.
Hubba complains about the chicken bones and the rice NOT Oily enough, but other than that, "ICHIBAN"!
The meat is very tender and soft to the bite; very Q.
I will definitely try them with boneless chicken drumstick thigh again when Hubba drives me to Hmart.

At thousand of miles away from home, this is of course no Chatterbox Hainanese Chicken rice but for Home-cook this is really GOOD! How do I know it is good? This is a 2 meal quantity but we finished everyting, even the rice in ONE seating!!!

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