Saturday, October 27, 2012

Razzoos Cajun Dinner and Studio Movie Grill

The Saturday afternoon was spent lazing at home...
 And we only managed to go out in the late afternoon to an outdoor Art event @ Huffines Art Trails. After we went home and settled TOto, we sneaked out for our dinner and watched a movie @ Studio Movie Grill!
It has been such a long time since I sat infront of the mirror and do-up myself!
The dark eye circle and wrinkle lines made me looked so auntish!
After we redeemed our Groupon coupon for the movies ticket, we walked over to Razzoo's which is a 3minutes walked away from the Cinema. We only had about an hour before the movie starts, so rushrushrush ...
OMG, they sell Gator meat!
I wonder is that for real?
I ordered the,
Crammed w/ shrimp ‘n’ crab stuffin‘, topp’d w/ creamy crawfish butter sauce.
Hubba ordered the,
(say et-two-fay) shrimp or crawfish choice–in rich dark roux sauce with dirty rice.
Razzoo's food never fail to disappoint me!
Loves how they are heavily spiced and salty ...
I almost want to FINISH both of Hubba and mine order, if I CAN!
I guessed right, the Cinema serves food in the theatre which explains the tables.
The small menu, food items; pricey!
The seat is allocated, so we do not have to queue or 'fight' for seats!
The seat was comfortable, and because of the height; I won't be blocked by the people infront.
Love the comfort but hate the smell of the food ordered by other patrons.
Not forgetting the servers that have to walk past us a few times to served the patrons on our left!
We watched Hotel Transylvania, it was a good laugh!
And I love such simple, animation comedy.
I am just a 10 years old girl at heart ...
I just bought the Infallible® Gel Lacquer Liner 24H, doesn't seems to last 24 hours like they proclaim! But I love how easy and smooth it applies onto the skin, not too dry and doesn't pull the skin~
My lid are just too oily, I guess I should just have to invest in the Mac Fluidliner but I am just too cheapskate!
An Art event, a Restaurant dinner and a Movie; I am a happy Gurl ~

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