Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dimassis Mediterranean Buffet

I bought a 2 for USD12.00 Mediterranean Buffet deal from I won't normally walked into a Mediterranean or Indian buffet because I find their spices too strong, and their meat too dry for my liking but since it was on discount, why not? Hubba always complains I am not adventurous with food, and if asked, I only have 2 choices; either Sushi or Dim sum!

It was a short drive away from our place. 
Looking at the number of cars parked outside, the restaurant seems full.
180 West Campbell Road  
TX 75080
(972) 250-2000

Salad bar looks fresh but too complicated for my liking!
I see lots of parsely ...
I supposed this is the COLD bar, the potato salad is sourish; very unexpected.
The variety of rice provided.
I liked the baked Cauliflower.
The meat!
I can only recognize the chicken ...
Fresh pita bread being baked freshly behind the brick stove!
 ♥ ♥ ♥ the soft Pita bread!
Drinks and dessert are provided too.
1st round ...
Hubba 2nd round ...
The different type of 'sauce' provided.
They are mostly sourish ...
My favorite are the Spinach drenched with cheesy sauce from the spaghetti tray, baked broccoli and pita bread.
These are the Mediterranean's dessert provided, ermmmm; not my cup of 'sugar'!
TOo Sweet!
Right after we finish, a big group of party, finished their prayers behind the restaurant and starts to queue for food.Luckily we came half and hour earlier, if not I might be quite pissed having to queue ...
The restaurant is very basic, no artsy fartsy design or ambience but for the prices we paid I find it quite worth the money! Without the groupon discount, I might not come in. I think the usual price for buffet is about USD10.00 per pax.

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