Saturday, October 27, 2012

Razzoos Cajun Dinner and Studio Movie Grill

The Saturday afternoon was spent lazing at home...
 And we only managed to go out in the late afternoon to an outdoor Art event @ Huffines Art Trails. After we went home and settled TOto, we sneaked out for our dinner and watched a movie @ Studio Movie Grill!
It has been such a long time since I sat infront of the mirror and do-up myself!
The dark eye circle and wrinkle lines made me looked so auntish!
After we redeemed our Groupon coupon for the movies ticket, we walked over to Razzoo's which is a 3minutes walked away from the Cinema. We only had about an hour before the movie starts, so rushrushrush ...
OMG, they sell Gator meat!
I wonder is that for real?
I ordered the,
Crammed w/ shrimp ‘n’ crab stuffin‘, topp’d w/ creamy crawfish butter sauce.
Hubba ordered the,
(say et-two-fay) shrimp or crawfish choice–in rich dark roux sauce with dirty rice.
Razzoo's food never fail to disappoint me!
Loves how they are heavily spiced and salty ...
I almost want to FINISH both of Hubba and mine order, if I CAN!
I guessed right, the Cinema serves food in the theatre which explains the tables.
The small menu, food items; pricey!
The seat is allocated, so we do not have to queue or 'fight' for seats!
The seat was comfortable, and because of the height; I won't be blocked by the people infront.
Love the comfort but hate the smell of the food ordered by other patrons.
Not forgetting the servers that have to walk past us a few times to served the patrons on our left!
We watched Hotel Transylvania, it was a good laugh!
And I love such simple, animation comedy.
I am just a 10 years old girl at heart ...
I just bought the Infallible® Gel Lacquer Liner 24H, doesn't seems to last 24 hours like they proclaim! But I love how easy and smooth it applies onto the skin, not too dry and doesn't pull the skin~
My lid are just too oily, I guess I should just have to invest in the Mac Fluidliner but I am just too cheapskate!
An Art event, a Restaurant dinner and a Movie; I am a happy Gurl ~

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A trip to Wal-Mart ...

Omg, we need 2 trolley for our groceries!???
Walked past a aisle of LUMINOUS soft-toy!
Eye blinding hahhaha!
Terrible, seems like buying for a family of six!

Compeititor Advert's to match prices and Manufacturer coupon to get more discount!
Sometimes I see our grocery I think,"Got so 夸张 or not?"!
Winter coming so must STOCK UP!
Hahahaha ...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hola Mex dinner, 'On the Border' ...

This weekend, we originally planned to have this Groupon deal at Craig Ranch, and when we arrived, the intended restaurant only opens for business at 5pm. We are 1 hour earlier, but we cannot WAIT any longer because we haven't had breakfast OR lunch yet, and we are famished!

We drove around aimlessly about and finally see 'On the Border'!
Hubba keeps telling me, 'On the Border' is better than Rosa but not as 'atas' as Uncle Julios. 
So FINALLY after 4years in USA, we are at 'On the Border'!
We sat down and starts to look at the menu, we decide to order Guacamole $5.99 for the free flow chips, a main entree of  'The Ultimate Fajita' $14.99 (Mesquite-Grilled Steak and Chicken, Sauteed Shrimp and Pulled Pork) and a side of Spinach and mushroom Fundido $7.99. Hubba added a Queso (melted cheese) $0.99 for the fajita set too!
Sounds like ALOT for 2!
First come the 'Free flow' Chips and salsa, love the spicy spicy salsa ...
Next arrives one big plate of Guacamole, the portion is so much generous as compared to Uncle Julios!
This is a new dish I wanted to try, also a special for the month; Spinach and Mushroom fundido!
I loves Cheese, yums and sinful!
Main Entree, the sides for a fajitas; beans, rice, salsa, sour cream and shredded cheese!
All in one hot plates of 'The Ultimate Fajita; Mesquite-Grilled Steak and Chicken, Sauteed Shrimp and Pulled Pork. I loves the grilled steak most!
Lastly the spread of tomato salsa, sour cream and shredded cheese!
After munching on the chips and guacamole, I am already 95% full!
So we take home about 60% of the portion!
A meal for 2 cost us about US$40.00 including tax and tips!
I gulped down alot of cups of COKE when we reached home so I suspected ALOT of MSG, and salt. Even hubba is surprised at the number of cups of Coke I gulped down!!!

Not too bad for the price, but I seriously preferred Uncle Julios if you can fork out the bling bling ...

Anyway after dinner, we go shop shop about to help with digestion ...
Even about 3hours after dinner, I am still burping Mexican blurps ~

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dimassis Mediterranean Buffet

I bought a 2 for USD12.00 Mediterranean Buffet deal from I won't normally walked into a Mediterranean or Indian buffet because I find their spices too strong, and their meat too dry for my liking but since it was on discount, why not? Hubba always complains I am not adventurous with food, and if asked, I only have 2 choices; either Sushi or Dim sum!

It was a short drive away from our place. 
Looking at the number of cars parked outside, the restaurant seems full.
180 West Campbell Road  
TX 75080
(972) 250-2000

Salad bar looks fresh but too complicated for my liking!
I see lots of parsely ...
I supposed this is the COLD bar, the potato salad is sourish; very unexpected.
The variety of rice provided.
I liked the baked Cauliflower.
The meat!
I can only recognize the chicken ...
Fresh pita bread being baked freshly behind the brick stove!
 ♥ ♥ ♥ the soft Pita bread!
Drinks and dessert are provided too.
1st round ...
Hubba 2nd round ...
The different type of 'sauce' provided.
They are mostly sourish ...
My favorite are the Spinach drenched with cheesy sauce from the spaghetti tray, baked broccoli and pita bread.
These are the Mediterranean's dessert provided, ermmmm; not my cup of 'sugar'!
TOo Sweet!
Right after we finish, a big group of party, finished their prayers behind the restaurant and starts to queue for food.Luckily we came half and hour earlier, if not I might be quite pissed having to queue ...
The restaurant is very basic, no artsy fartsy design or ambience but for the prices we paid I find it quite worth the money! Without the groupon discount, I might not come in. I think the usual price for buffet is about USD10.00 per pax.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sous Vide Hainanese Chicken Rice

There are many Hainanese Chicken rice recipes around but non can convince me that by boiling or steaming the chicken for so long, the method can retain the chicken 'Q-ness' and flavour. Usually these methods just dries up and harden the chicken meat. And it won't even be close to the Singapore's famous Hainanese Chicken rice, so I don't even bother trying something I know that will definitely FAIL! And, even in Singapore I only take the Thigh or drumstick's part which will always costs SG$0.50 more because it is more tender and Q!

And here comes foodcanon's Sous Vide method; I read it, and I am convince!
I didn't followed his recipe to the EXACT but just 'estimate' my way through because I am only prepping 2 drumstick. I wanted to get the boneless Chicken drumstick thigh but I can only get them in Hmart which is like a 30minutes drive away; so make do ...

Prep the 'Broth' for Sous vid-ing the Chicken in.
Ingredient : Ginger, Scallion, Stem of Cilantro, Pandan leaves, Onion and lemongrass.
(I found out later, I missed out some ingredients from foodcanon and added lemongrass subconciously!) 
Boil the veggies broth for 20minutes, and let cool the broth temperature to 78°C.
At this step the room is already smelling of CHICKEN RICE!!!

I abit 'kiasee" (scare to die), so I dropped in the 2 thighs when the temperature is at about 99°C. I was thinking, the chicken thigh is quite cold, so the temperature of the broth might drop drastically. The temperature indeed drop but not at a drastic speed.
I was lucky the Cooker temperature's, at knob '1' was kept constant at 78°C or 79°C so they isn't much monitoring to do. I just sat it out and waited one hour to go by easily! recommended 76°C but I do a higher temperature because I don't know the 'freshness' of the chicken here and I feels safer with using a higher temperature. SHOCK the chicken with ICE water bath right after the 1 hour is up, and when the chicken is 'shocked' and cool down. Se them aside.

The chicken ended looking 'more' cooked because I 'kiasee' and I used a higher temp.
Next use the leftover broth to cook the rice and the rest of the time preparing the 'sauce' for the chicken. THIS sauce is a MUST do, it helps flavour the rice and the chicken itself.
Ingredient sauce : Sesame oil, Soy sauce, Fish sauce, Oyster sauce, leftover chicken broth and sugar.
Optional to add in sauce : Root of Cilantro, and Scallion.
Drench the sauce evenly onto the chicken pieces!
If you still have leftover broth, prep the soup with a tad of sugar and salt.

Very time consuming but definitely worth all the effort.
Hubba complains about the chicken bones and the rice NOT Oily enough, but other than that, "ICHIBAN"!
The meat is very tender and soft to the bite; very Q.
I will definitely try them with boneless chicken drumstick thigh again when Hubba drives me to Hmart.

At thousand of miles away from home, this is of course no Chatterbox Hainanese Chicken rice but for Home-cook this is really GOOD! How do I know it is good? This is a 2 meal quantity but we finished everyting, even the rice in ONE seating!!!


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