Friday, September 28, 2012

Teochew Spiral Yam Mooncake w Mochi (潮州芋蓉月饼)


Why, Teochew Spiral Yam Mooncake?
Firstly Hubba complains that he had too much snowskin mooncake last year and we both don't really like the Traditional baked type.
Secondly I bought 1 box of this similar tart in Taipei Airport when I was on vacation there last year, and find that by adding Mochi, it reduces the sweetness and add some chewy-ness into this dense tart!
PLUS lastly, I have a Taiwanese Cookbook, "Carol不藏私料理廚房", that I bought in Taipei has this ACTUAL recipe with step by step photographs for just TWELVE tarts. 
Just nice for the 2 of us!

Spiral is a tad intimidating but let's JUST DO IT!
250gram of yam, diced, steam for 20minutes and mashed.
Add 15gm Butter, 40gm Sugar and 10gm Milk powder into the steamed yam.
Ingredient for Yam filling : 250gram Yam, 15gm Butter, 40gm Sugar and 10gm Milk powder.
Smooth it out, leave aside to cool.
END of easy part ONE!
Split into 12 balls.
This is SELF ADDED, omit if you want ...
Prep the mochi as well, halving the recipe.
Ingredient : 50gm Glutinous rice flour, 35gm Sugar, 75ml Cold water and Potato Starch for dusting.
Mix everything well, and steam for 20 minutes.
Flatten the Yam filling and wrap the mochi inside the Yam filling.
In the end, I do only 6 of them because even if I fail, I might have another 6 successful ones if I do according to the cookbook!

DOUGH next!
Click to read on ...

The supposedly water dough and oil dough, scarrrrieeee ...
House of Annie has the precise recipe, instruction and a video on how to roll out the dough from her website. I am too noobie to ROLL dough and take photographs at the same time, because I am too nervous and trying to BE VERY FOCUS on the job on hand!

I used Lard + Shortening for my dough instead of either Ghee or Clarified butter which is highly recommended for flaky pastry! I understand, from my limited readings, that butter has water and milk content so the end result might not be as thin and flaky if you used butter. Instead you can replace the 'oil' part with Canola or Olive oil.
Adapted from "Carol不藏私料理廚房"
Water dough - AP flour 200gm, Icing sugar 15gm, Lard 50gm + Shortening 20gm, Cold water 105ml
Oil dough - Cake flour 160gm, Lard 60gm + Shortening 20gm and Pandan Coloring a few drops.
Right after wrapping, I don't see the line as being defined well, and I thought it will just come out very messed up! But I persevere on because I know even it I messed up Hubba is going to finish EVERYTHING!
Baked 170C/340F for 30 minutes.
Most of the tart has very well defined layers!
MOmmy will be IMPRESS!
It is very flaky and crumbles easily and wonder if this is good or bad news?
Hubba says GOOD!
Something new for 中秋 2012 ...

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