Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's FALL 2012 Officially ...

But it is still freaking HOT here!

For the past 1 week, I have the worst toothache ever, and I have been praying hard that there are 1001 other reasons for the pain in the face, head, ear, jaw & gum pain! But deep inside my heart, I know it is Toothache! I have been tolerating and absorbing the pain for about a week, indulging in Ibuprofen, (sometimes it doesn't even help) and today I finally surrender and gave up. Hubba had book an appointment for me with a dentist here ...

I really don't have much tooth left in the mouth to be doing EXTRACTION, pray hard it is nothing!
If not I be gnawing on veggies from now onwards ...

With all the aches and pain and whatsnot, I didn't do much cooking or baking but I still managed to go attend a Improv in Mckinney on Saturday eveing. And we spotted a few Hot air Balloon floating about our neighborhood because of a Hot air Balloon event @ Plano.
It will be about a 10minutes drive over ...
Can see the pain from my face?
Heeeee but the pain is kind to me that day ...
The show will be inside this building. Whenever we pass by this building, I used to think, this is a office building for some governement unit! 

原来 this is a OLD courthouse and now converted to be a Theatre.
After we got in, Hubba went outside and gotten us a Gelato fizzy drink!
Not bad wor, the drink is supposed to be Gelato ice-cream mixed with this can of Lemonade fizzy drink.
Even the seat is so old school right!
This is a standup-comedy by four ladies.
It's free seating, so we moved up to the 2nd level.
Alot of jokes are very local, and we don't really get what they means. Luckily the last lady was not too bad, very animated thus very funny but still I won't pay USD20.00per pax for this type of show. Sometimes late night TV has better stand-up comedian. Their jokes are too 'clean' for funny! We preferred those that are damn RACIST, SEXIST or just plain old sex jokes, hahaha!
Well the 'ang moh' finds them extremely funny!

Good experience overall!

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