Thursday, September 6, 2012

F21 on ME!

Remember my F21 order?
Everything always look so good on the model right?
Let's see how these translate onto MY body ...
Everything looks 'tighter' on Moi, wahahahaha!
I love the all dresses; not the white dress though ...
Bought that in M size, its abit loose at the 'chest' but I know if I bought it in S, it would be too small!
I have a tiny chest, but chunky waist problem; basically I am very unproportionate.
I wish I can return the PINK pants, but because it is a B1G1 free promotion so everything is FINAL sale! I know I won't be able to look good in pleated pants because of my big fat thigh, but I am just toooooo stubborn; thinking I might just find the purrrfect fit. 

Well just my luck ...
At least the rest of the stuffs fits me ok!

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