Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1st Molar Root Canal Therapy

Finally after almost or more than 1 week of tolerating intense pain, sleepless night, and daily popping of Ibuprofen; I finally summon enough courage to go to the dental! I still hoping that at the last minute I have some miraculous recovery. But too bad, I still wake up in pain yesterday night about 4am.

Appointment made 1pm.
Jason Jun Wang, DDS, PhD
2220 Coit Rd
Suite 570
Plano, TX 75075  

One look, the Dentist told me I have to do a Root Canal and I am mentally prepared for it while hoping hubba's wallet should be prepared too ~

Shown on TV ...
Then the dentist starts to point point point on the x-ray, the nerves are all infected and the circled area are the areas that are swollen and infected too. He even spotted a decayed tooth right beside the painful tooth ...
While doing the 'op' he mentioned there are PUS in the nerve and he says,"No wonder it is so PAINFUL! The whole nerves are covered with Pus!"

Everything went smoothly and less painful than I expected or thought it will be.
This is the 2nd time I am here and I am very satisfied with their 'painless' promise and maybe because I am able to converse in chinese made me more comfortable too!

Total costs for the Root Canal Therapy and Fillings costs hubba USD998+!

But well worth the $$$ for me, hopefully I can sleep tonight.
Dentist informed that I might still feel pain or some sensation for the first few days because the meds applied to the nerve will still caused some pain. I am prescribed amoxillin and tylenol, and will go back 1 week later to redo the fillings.

Pray hard everything goes smoothly until my 2nd appointment to do the actual filling for the tooth.

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