Saturday, August 4, 2012

Taiwan Style Braised Beef Noodle Soup (台湾红烧牛肉面)

This has been on my to-do list for like a few years because Hubba LOVE love LOVE them and when we go to a Chinese restaurant for Noodle soup, he would alway choose this dish; ALWAYS! And I am waiting to buy a Pressure cooker before I try them.

After looking through the internet, I try out the dish based loosely on this 2 recipes on youtube;
I didn't measure out anything, please refer to video for exact measurement.
Ingredient :
1) Meat : Beef Shank (牛键子), Beef bones and Beef tendon.
2) Aromatics : Scallions, Garlics, Onions, Ginger.
3) Seasoning : Broad Bean Paste (豆瓣酱), Spicy Broad Bean Paste (辣瓣酱), Red Pepper salt and White Pepper powder.
4) Extras : Radish and 卤味包 (Braised Seasoning pack). 
Oh and we gotten a packet of 酸菜.
Typically in Taiwan's foodstall, there will always be a tub of 酸菜 on the table and they eat 酸菜 with everything; even with 卤肉饭! So to make everything seems SO AUTHENTIC, please make sure it is 酸菜.
The beef tendon is EXTRA, just an experiment but for some reason I didn't add in!
Prep all individual ingredient and set aside.
Blanched the Beef Bones and Shank, and diced the Shank to bite size.
Stir fry the aromatics to abit charred, this will bring out the taste of the aromatics.
(Scallions, Garlics, Onions, and Ginger)
Read on for more ...

Continue to add in the beef cubes, and add the seasonings.
(Broad Bean Paste, Spicy Broad Bean Paste, Red Pepper salt and White Pepper powder)
Stir and make sure to mix everything well.
I got no more space in my wok, so I just dish out the mixture and dunk them into my pressure cooker.
Put in the "Extra" (Radish and Braised Seasoning prepack spice) and enough water/broth to cover the Beef mixture.
45 minutes for my Digital Pressure Cooker, but I think maybe 30 minutes will be more than enough. I think if you cook it on stove, then you will have to braised it for at least 2hours ...

I am supposed to release pressure for my cooker at 35minutes and add in the tendons into the cooker and pressure cook for another 20minutes but I have to go out to fetch TOto so when I am back, the COoker has done its cooking.
After 45 minutes, I drained the broth and picked out the beef and set them aside.
The continuous cooking of the beef, might melt the beef into NOTHING!
I sieve the soup and throw out all the 渣, and just used the oily broth.

I adjusted the Beef Soup with sugar, fish sauce and salt.
I really have some difficulties adjusting the flavour because I think I only have 红烧牛肉面 twice in my lifetime, so I couldn't figure out the taste. 

Hubba insisted that we use 阳春面 for the noodle.
NOT bad!
The soup is OILY and spicy, the beef is tender and melt in your mouth, plus the 酸菜 really help lift the taste of the soup!

Gosh. IT is good!
Hubba says cannot fight with those "招牌老字号" but really GOOD for something that is home-prepared! Hahaha and so much better than the one HE PAID for at Ranch99!


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