Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Portuguese Egg Tarts again!(葡式蛋挞)

And this time, I never 'act clever'!

This time I just bought the instant pie crust from Walmart ...
It's not like I am trying to impress anyone right? 
Just some homebaked goodies for Hubba!
And I adapted the custard recipe from, 'The Pleasure Monger'.
Ingredient : 100ml Whipping Cream, 100ml Milk, 50gm Sugar, 2 eggs, 2 yolks, a pinch of salt, 1tbsp cornflour and 2 tsp of Vanilla Essence.
I double-boiled the milk/whipping cream and sugar, and after sugar melts. I remove bowl from double-boil and stir in eggs. Place the bowl back on double-boil, and add in cornflour and rest of ingredient. Stir till mixture abit thick and remove, set aside to cool.

Prep pastry into baking container. 
Sieve the custard mixture before adding them into the container. Preheat oven on broiler and baked for 10-15minutes on middle rack till custard burnt. If after 10-15minutes, the top of custard still yet to burnt, maybe you can move the baking tray to top of the rack.
Read on for more ...
It is so easy using such instant Pie Crust!
And this time because I used alumium baking container, the crust and custard burnt so easily!
Just 9 minutes, I can smell the burnt ...
 My aluminium baking container is so big, I only manage to bake about 4.5 tart, hahaha!
But for the 2 of us, I guess this is more than enough.
Look at that beautiful burnt crust ...
WHY the sudden craving for egg tarts?
Because just last weekend, we paid USD1.00 for rubbish at a Asian Supermarket here in Dallas...
And I know I can do so much better than that ...
And indeed better, but with shortcut's pastry of course!
I am just not much of a pastry person ...

Hubba says,"好吃,leh"!


  1. wow... so tempted to try out. But I am getting so lazy nowsady. :( My boys love the Kfc egg tart.. it's very yummy.

    1. I never try KFC egg tart before.
      Egg tart easier than cakes, at least the measuring do not need accuracy to the dot. maybe u can just do the custard without the pie crust. think your boys will like them too! Hahaha ... but I will add another egg yolk for this particular recipe. Not eggy enough ...

  2. i'm going to try this this weekend!!! :P

    1. I still want to ask you whether you can get the 'authentic' Portugal version, since you are SO NEAR there already hahaha!

  3. Don't have leh! Food here is horrible. How did you make the crust? I bought some pie crust also but dunno how to prep it. For the custard no cinammon or anything? I don't even know how go double boil. If I use ordina Hope it will turn out nice on Sunday.


    1. I prep it this way >>

      Then after flattening, just use the hand to press it into the cup. Try to prebaked the crust in the baking cup first for like 5-8 minutes or lesser, you can see them harden before adding the custard. The crust will shrink alot if prebaked. Haha I read that it shrink because the crust too thin.

      If your instant pie crust is 2 layer, maybe you can roll the 2 layer together, then cut and flatten. You can add cinammon but I don't have taht at home, we don't really eat cinammon. But I read somewhere the real portugese tart, use those Vanilla creamer.

    2. Oh if you have flour keep sprinkle the flour on your roller and your pie crust, so they are easier to manage ...



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