Sunday, August 5, 2012

Braised Beef Tendon (红烧牛筋)

I used to wonder where the 'RED' colouring from '红烧' comes from, and after doing it  myself; I still don't understand where the 'redness' comes from? Does it comes from the 辣瓣酱? If don't add in the 辣瓣酱, will it still be this red? 

Look at this bowl of RED GLOOEY GOODNESS ...
This is the forgotten Beef tendon from yesterday!
And tendons are supposed to be pack FULL of COLLAGEN!
Collagen are essential for your SKIN repair and also helps with JOINT movement acting as the 'lubricant for you joint, and yadayadayada ~
But the most important factor, they taste FREAKING GOOD!
It took me almost 2hour to braised the tendons with the "Braised Broth" from yesterday!
But it turns out good, almost like the ones we eat almost every chance we have @ JS Chen Dim Sum Restaurant!

And this is our very Taiwanese Dinner and lunch for the day ...
The broth is really THICK and Mooo-ey ~
We agree that the broth taste so much better on the 2nd day!
I think we still have to have another 2 meals of  台湾红烧牛肉面 to finish everything; the price of trying out new dishes!

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