Thursday, August 30, 2012

Black Bean Garlic Chives with Prawns (豆豉韭菜花炒鲜虾)

I really loves this combination of Garlic Chives with Black bean sauce and I added some hot red chillies to spice up the dish. I think this dish is more 'Taiwanese style', I don't remember having such style of cooked veggies in Singapore. 

Usually my mom would just stir-fry Garlic Chives with Pork Belly. 
Hubba mentioned that he had never had Garlic chives in his home at all.
Is Garlic chives a acquired taste?
It is just not so common in Singapore household?
Let's see what I did ...
Ingredient : 1 bunch of Garlic Chives, 8 Prawns (any type of protein), half cup of mushroom (any type), 1-2 Red Chilli (optional), 1 egg and   2-3 cloves of garlic.

Seasoning : 1 tbsp Black bean sauce, 1-2 dash of fish sauce, 1/2 tbsp sugar and a dash of salt.
Wash garlic chives, and chop them to sectional. Prep the rest of the ingredient. Heat wok, add oil and scrambled the egg and set aside. Fried the prawns to 40% cooked and set aside. Add more oil if needed, and dropped in the garlic. When garlic starts to brown, add in black bean sauce. Stir fry awhile and add in mushroom, garlic chives and the rest of the seasoning. Adjust taste accordingly. Stir fry them till garlic chives has soften before adding in the prawns and eggs that are set aside. Set the fire to small and cook the mixture for awhile before dishing out on plate.
For some reason Hubba grows to love this dish!
I had always loves Garlic Chives but love them more with Black bean sauce!
And this is the Black bean sauce that I have been using!

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