Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Skin Oil

These are my skin oil collection!
I think I have another new bottle somewhere in my cabinet.
From left : Emu oil, Jason Natural Beauty Oil, Burt's Bee Vitamin Oil and Pura D'or Argan Oil

I think Emu oil is one of the the first skin oil I bought!
I didn't particular like it because there is a awful smell, haha almost like a piggy smell ...
Emu oil has a thicker consistency which makes it more difficult to apply on the skin.

I prefer Jason Natural Beauty Oil and loves the Almond scent, which is why I have repurchased the oil 3x. For a makeup junkie like me, that is almost impossible! I remember my initial intention was to use it as a base for my mineral powder foundation.
In comparison, Argan oil has the thinnest consistency.

Argan oil is like the 'NEW KID ON THE BLOCK' and was touted as LIQUID GOLD. The reviews is fantabulous, and can be use on ANYWHERE on the body! And is also "one of the rarest oils in the world due to the small and very specific growing areas."  It is very expensive but there happens to be a promotion on Groupon, so I decide to take a risk and try whether it helps with my thin hair, and painful scalp!
I still prefer applying Jason Natural Beauty oil for my face and skin; because the consistency is just right. And Argan oil, is thin enough for the scalp and not weigh down down the hair! 
Emu oil is ewwwww too smelly. And as for Burt's and Bee, there isn't much I can comment on; reason because, I don't like the 'Lemony' scent too. I am just trying to finish the oil ASAP!

Conclusion : I can forgo my moisturizer but I cannot live without my SKIN oil!

The skin just feels softer, and the 'oil' seems to last longer on the skin too ... 

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