Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Buncto - #85 Rice Cooker Pork Belly Rice w Shiitake Mushrooms!

This type of rice, is best for lazy, rainy days where everything will be dumped into one wok and then ends the cooking process in a rice cooker! But there isn't any RAIN in sight here in Texas, everyday is crazy 40C!

Arrghhhhh ~
Ingredient : Pork Belly, Dried shiitake mushrooms, Dried shrimps, Chicken broth, Garlic, Scallions and 1 3/4 cup of Jasmine rice.
Seasoning : Fish sauce, sugar and salt.
Soak the dried mushrooms, chop/blend dried shrimps (optional) and diced the aromatics.
Pan fried the Pork belly and diced them to bite sized.
Saute in order; diced garlic, dried shrimps, white part of sliced scallions, shiitake mushrooms and diced pork belly. When everything is saute and mixed well, add in uncooked washed rice. Stir well, and add Broth/water (water used to soak dried shiitake mushrooms). Measure liquid/water used as accordingly to individual rice cooker. Add in seasoning, a dash of fish sauce, sugar and salt. Remove from wok, adding into rice-cooker, and add water accordingly, if not enough.

The cooker will go to work by itself.
The dried shrimp + pork belly, 香!
Top with green part of scallions and fried shallots.
And I remember I have mom's 'Har bee hiam' (dried shrimp sambal chilli)!
Looks oily, decadant good ...
Recently I am trying to be 'Health Concious' for hubby so I  have been using Glass Container for his lunch! It's heavier but it should be healthier than using Plastic!
Hope he likes them ...

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