Sunday, July 15, 2012

Buncto - #84 Pressure Cooker Stew Beef w Mushrooms

Did I blog that I bought a "Cook’s Essentials 5qt Digital Electric Pressure Cooker" off ebay?
I have never see mom use a Pressure cooker so I didn't know what to expect and I waited for hubba to be at home to try it out! I 'delegate' the first 'TRIAL-run' to him while I hide myself as far away from the cooker as possible just incase the cooker EXPLODE!

Well it didn't happen, and the cooker produced this 'tear-away' 2lb beef stew in ONE hour time! Slow cooker would have taken at least 5-6hours and gas would have taken at least 2-3hours ...
I tried to find a easy to prepare recipe. 
And realised there is no need for any recipes because you can just dump anything into the stew and add flour to thicken the 'soup' and it becomes stew!

So I prepared for the minimum basic for a hopefully successful stew.
Ingredient : 2lb Beef, Mushrooms, Canned diced Tomatoes, Brown onion, Shallots, Garlic, White wine, Swanson beef broth, Thyme, Parsley.
CROSS FINGER because I am not using any recipe.

Firstly browned the diced beef.
I tried to find the cheapest cut because since anything to everything will just break down in the pressure cooker. But it seems like the general "Cheap" would be almost 4.98/lb.
Set aside.
Add olive oil to saute the onions, shallots and garlic.
Add the shroooms and Canned diced tomatoes.
When the shrooms soften, add in the beef and continue to saute.
Erm, my wok NO SPACE!
So I didnt add the liquid into the wok.
I scooped out the ingredient and add them into the cooker.
Pour in the white wine and beef broth till ingredient are totally immersed.

My RED cooker, very 'Stylo' right!
After 1-hour, I added flour and potato starch to thicken the sauce and re-pressurized the cooker and cook for another 5minutes. Adjust the taste accordingly with sugar, salt and whatever you think you want to add to cater to your OWN taste! But basically, it will just be salt, sugar or you can add worchestire sauce, or tomato, or BBQ or whatever! I don't think there is a STANDARD in the market!

ALOT of washing later.
I prep the side dish, Mashed Potatoes with Egg and Mayo!
I steamed the diced Potatoes and Eggs on my Digital Steamer.
Mashed the Potatoes and diced the eggs, mix them well.
Add lots of mayo and abit of salt to bring out the taste.
The beef is really tender and just break away but still not soft enough.
Maybe overnight, it will be softer ...
Hubba return from his tennis session and tell me," I can have this EVERYDAY!".
WOah that is a COMPLIMENT right?

红烧牛腩, next?
For references : : Wild-mushroom beef stew : Mushroom Beef Stew : Beef Stew with Dried Mushrooms : Pressure Cooker Goldren Mushroom Stew : Mushroom Beef Stew : Catalan Style Beef Stew : Beef Stew with Shiitake Mushroom : Beef Stew with Mushrooms

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