Saturday, July 7, 2012

Porky Meatball Soup!

Because of the miscalculation for my 大包 recipes, I have alot of extra minced meat at home! Arrrghhhh, so I decide to prep some meatballs for soup. I think this is the best method to 'waste' alot of minced meat AT ONCE! Hahahaha ~

As usual I prepare my Chicken broth using the chicken bone freshly bought today! 
The chicken bones broth took about 2hours! 
Ingredients : minced pork 500gram, 1/2 soft tofu, diced dried shiitake mushroom, diced scallion and sliced Cilantro.
Mix all ingredient with seasoning and marinate...
Seasonings : Soy sauce paste, fish sauce, five spice powder, sugar, pepper, potato starch and salt.
Using a tablespoon, scoop the mixture and mould into shape.
I what-apps a photograph of the meatballs to show hubba and he 'complain', "wah the meatballs so BIG huh!"
Scoop out Chicken bone broth to another pot and put to boil before adding the meatball one by one.
I diced some Korean radish and added them into the broth as well.
Simmer for 20minutes or until meatball cook.
Adjust seasoning accordingly; personally I would add fish sauce, sugar, pepper and salt to taste.
At the end of cooking the meatball soup, I added some enoki and the other half of soft tofu!
CLOSE UP of meatballs!
REALLY yummy and flavourful!
Self brewed broth is still THE BEST ...
Hubba confirm would love it!
I think after he tried them, he wouldn't complain that the meatball is TOO BIG!

Simple, tasty and nourishing ...

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