Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Step-by-Step Singapore-Style Hokkien Mee

Hubba requested Singapore-style Hokkien Mee again!
And this time round, I am more confident of recording down what I am doing. At least I can cook and quickly take my SLR for a quick shoot. I am glad the 'standard' is still there and Hubba says it is really getting better! I actually think Hokkien Mee is actually quite easy when you get the hang of doing it!
So this is officially my try, and I just want to make sure 'MY' standard is there!
Ingredient for Soup Base : Dried Squid (3pcs), Prawn Shell (12pcs), 1 slab of Pork Belly, a handful of dried Anchovies, Prawns and 1.5litre of Water.
Heavily loaded with Pictures; enter at OWN RISK!
But so worth while hahaha ...

The main ingredient which gives the 'seafood' taste in Hk Mee; Dried Squid and Achovies!
Prawn shells IMPORTANT!
I just threw in the whole piece of Pork Belly and sliced it after the broth!
All done and set aside to prepare the ACTUAL COOKING of the MEE!
Ingredients : 2 type of mee, diced Garlic (1 bulb for 2x), sliced Pork belly, blanched prawns, eggs and Squid.
Seasoning : Fish sauce, Sugar and salt.
Everything prep and set aside!
Sliced Pork belly as thin as possible.
I have a bowl for measurement of the mee, for 2 pax.
Scrambled 3 eggs and set aside.
Heat wok, add oil and saute garlic.
When the garlic starts to brown a little add in Pork belly and Squid.
When the squid is almost cooked, add in scrambled egg and noodle and stir fry them making sure they are evenly mix. Add in seasoning according to taste; roughly about 1 tbsp of fish sauce, 1tbsp of sugar and a dash of salt.
Add broth to about 1/3 of noodle.
Lower heat and braised the noodle in the broth prepared.
I open lid a few times to stir the noodles just incase some part of the noodle get burnt!
Braised until the broth is absorbed by the noodle!
Dish up and served IMMEDIATELY!

OK, I am like 99% sure that I am able to replicate this dish anytime!
I think I still have to cook at least 2 more meals of HK mee before finishing the noodles!


  1. Store up prawns heads. I usually keep all the heads and use them to cook hokkien mee or prawn mee soup when i have a whole bunch in freezer.

    Also, i tried different ways. The best is get the prawny broth is to stir fry the prawn heads with some butter, and blend it with some water. Then return to stove to boil for a hr or so to reduce the liquid. Filter out the prawn matters. You can freeze the broth after it cool for later use.

    1. The seafood here is not fresh so i seldom buy prawns with head :(

      I have read the method of stirfrying the prawn shells too but wonder if this step will make the broth very oily so daren't try it. Or maybe I just plan lazy hahaha! When I get 'fresh' prawns definitely will try this method.

      Sometime the prawns even have a weird 'water' taste! Eewwww ~
      Haiz, I miss SG seafood!!

    2. Stir frying makes a big diff, and i use only a little butter, so it ain't oily at all. I use that as a soup base for hokkien mee and prawn mee soup (Add pork bones to the soup base)

      I actually eat very little prawns, and prefer to buy frozen ones. I think they taste fresher. I just store up the heads in the freezer, and when i ran out of space, i cook these and call all my frens over.

    3. I have tried frozen prawns but find them very salty! Not the frozen ones in walmart or target but those in Asian supermarket. It's like they hv been soak in salt for preservation. Usually prawns from Hmart is alot fresher but is alot further from where I am now. So when I go, I buy alot more ~

      If the prawn head is fresh, I like to eat them too!! Hahaha ~

  2. Is there safeway or costco? I buy frozen seafood from the american supermarket chains. The frozen prawns in the asian supermarket ain't great. Ranch 99 and Hmart is pretty fresh.

    1. There are costco here but need membership and we didnt get them because my husband says need to buy in bulk so we don't bother. I have ranch99 here but the seafood freshness varies. Sometimes looks fresh but buy back got weird taste! I should go to Costco and take a look then!!

      Is it because I am at Texas!?? hahaha ~



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