Sunday, July 29, 2012

I ♥ Jajangmyeon

When I was in Korea for holiday, I would if I could; eat Jajangmyeon EVERYDAY for EVERY MEAL! I have been wanting to test out this dish but I have been procrastinating, and finally I DID IT!
 And is is ALMOST like the the real thing, almost!
I even gotten some 'Korean' zucchini!
It is abit orangey in the center, look so interesting.
Diced up the ingredient.
Refer full instruction and ingredient list to if you are not confident. I just do it my way, so there isn't any measurement! It is very easy, and I don't think there is a need to measure everything.
Ingredient : Pork belly, zucchini, onion, Korean radish and garlic.
I cannot live without GARLIC, so I have TO ADD them in!
The main ingredient PORK BELLY!
I parboil the meat, and diced them up.
The black bean sauce I used.
Pan fried the Pork Belly till a tad charred and crispy, and set aside.
Using the oil, add ingredient : Garlic, onion, potatoes and reserved pork belly.
Add Black bean sauce, stir fry and add water to cover ingredient in wok. I want to cook the potatoes first to make sure they are cook through. Throw in the zucchini last, simmer till everything soften. Final step, add potato starch solution to thicken everything into one big MESS of gluey goodness!
Adjust taste accordingly with, Sugar and salt.
I added some mirin, oyster sauce and corn syrup too.

Prep the korean noodles as according to package. I bought fresh Korean noodles, so I have to boil them, rinse the myeon in cold water, and drip them DRY!

Note to myself, make sure the "myeon" is abit dry before adding "Jajang" sauce.
And DIG in!
Hubby says, "ALMOST!"
I will add MORE Porky Belly the next time, or maybe just add a mixture of Pork Belly and minced Pork!?

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