Thursday, July 19, 2012

CROCS again!

As I aged, the one comfort that I cannot sacrificed for beauty is; discomfort of the feet! And recently, I will only take a 2nd look at 'reputed' shoes's brands like Birkenstock, Merell, Timberland, Fitflop, Skechers, and now Crocs. Crocs has been coming out with more 'HIP' and comfortable design! 

NO more cheapskate-but-look-so-cute-made-in-China heels that will TEAR my feet to shreds kinda of shoes!

Hubba only COMMENTED to me me when I asked for his security code, "I just wish you WILL actually wear the shoes!"

Hahaha but I really have bad reputation for buying and leaving it aside. I think that is problems for all ladies out there!? You think you need EVERYTHING but you will actually only use/wear that ONE shoes/tops/bags/pants. *Oppsie!*

Melbourne-II Short Vamp and Carlie Platform!
Hope they fit, the last pair of Crocs that I bought doesn't fit well, and I am still waiting to go to the store to do a exchange.

20% off  : LOYAL7792
Free shipping : SHIPCROCS

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