Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Buncto - #81 Pork Chop w Bertolli® Vodka Sauce and mushroom

2 more pieces of Pork Chop in the fridge.
And I am lazy to prepare them with breadcrumbs, and wants to do the easy way out.
Marinate the Pork Chop with; Salt, paprika, cajun seasoning and pepper.

Steam potatoes and eggs for making potato salad.
Pan fry the Pork Chop.
Sliced the patty for easier consumption!
(My hubba is VERY PAMPERED!)
Make sure Pork Chop is cook through...

Using the leftover oil, add in sliced onion and mushroom, and braised with Bertolli® Vodka Sauce.
Scoop sauce onto sliced pork chop.
The meat is not as tender, maybe I should braised the Pork Chop in the sauce?
Would that make the Chop more tender and soft to the bite?

I prefer Chicken CHOP!

Oh and Hubba says the Mash Egg Potato Salad is GOOD!


  1. I find that marinating pork with ginger juice helps to tenderize the meat. Maybe you cn try next time :)

    1. Hi alice,
      How to prepare the Ginger juice? And for how long should i marinate the pork with ginger juice? Thanks for the advice!

      I find that prepping pork chop with flour/egg/breadcrumbs the pork is more tender but if pan fry the pork chop naked then the bite is tougher and dry ...

  2. I usually marinate for a few hrs, ginger juice plus the rest of the seasoning. Just grate the ginger and squeeze the pulp to get the juice. Hope it works for u too!

    Btw,Happy 4th of July!! :)

    1. Thanks!
      Hope the ginger taste doesnt get too overwhelming, my hubbie dun like ginger taste. I read that Pineapple can tenderise too but then too troublesome to get a pineapple just for that purpose. I think ginger is more convenient! Hopefully i get to try it soon.

  3. Forgot to mention that 1 tbsp of ginger juice shd be sufficient for 2 large pieces of pork chop.



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