Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baked rice with Bertollli Vodka sauce Prawns

I got mushroom and I got cheese so I can Cheese Baked Rice. 

Prawns are the easiest to thaw ...
So here we go!
1) Prepare the rice, 2) Prepare the sauce, 3) Add the Cheese and 4) BAKED!
1.) Prepare the rice first.
Ingredient : Cooked rice, Garlic, Mushroom, Herbes de Provence, Butter, Pepper and Salt.
Click below to Read on for for my step by step Pictorials.

Add canola oil, and fried the rice with alot of garlic and mushroom with Herbes de Provence, Butter, Pepper and Salt. I added a piece of butter at the end to give the rice a salty buttery taste. I think you can do the rice anyway you like, or just plain white rice will do too! For kiddos add, carrot, tomatoes, green pea for more colours! Set the rice aside, in a bakeware or aluminium foil pan will do.
2.) NEXT, Prep the sauce to drench onto the rice. 
The sauce will blend into the cheese melting into the rice!
Ingredient : Prawns and Bertolli Vodka sauce.
I used a Bertolli Vodka sauce. 
Any white cheesy, milky sauce will do and if you are adventurous enough try out a Bechamel sauce or Murnay sauce! Or the easiest way is to use Campbell Mushroom Soup! Go ahead and use any tomato based spaghetti sauce, that will work too.
(My suggestion for a simple combination will be simple butter fried rice with pea and carrot. And use  mushroom and diced chicken with campbell soup.)

@ this point, prep the oven to 450C.
Use any protein you like eg. Chicken, Prawn, Squid, Mushroom or even Mussel.
I pan fry the prawns, and pour in enough sauce to cover the rice ...
3.) Select your favorite combination of Cheese : Cheddar for the burnt and mozarella for the creamy, milky twang? Choose your favourite combination and sprinkle it on top of the rice.
Be GENEROUSwith your cheese and gently press them down!
Ingredient : Kraft Mexican Four Cheese
Bake on top rack, 450C for about 12-15minutes till the TOP of the cheese is abit burnt.
I really ADDED alot of cheese ...
Hubba and me would FIGHT over the cheese so I have to add ALOT!
See the sauce ozzzzing out!
Woooooolalalalala ~
Too cheesy, slurps!
Definitely do not need to go back to Swenson for Baked Rice!

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