Monday, July 30, 2012

9years9months9weeks9days - Pt. 2 Chef Point Cafe (Watauga, TX)

Finally we found a reason to eatout, to celebrate our 9yrs9mths9weeks9days together! And we decide on this Restaurant recommended by a friend from Lewisville Dog park! He has such praises for it, we have to go down and check it out. It is a 1hr drive down to a Petrol Station Restaurant, also recommended by Guy Fieri from FOodnetwork! 

And their specialty dish is DUCK, a very rare dish on menu in Texas's restaurant!
5901 Watauga Rd
Watauga, Texas 76148
Phone : 1 (817) 656-0080
Read on for my adventure in Cafe Point.
I took this opportunity to do up too and spend sometime putting on my eye makeup!
I have on my new bag, pants and sandal!
But it is a freaking ONE HOUR drive down to the restaurant at Watuaga near Fort Worth.
The entrance of their restaurant looks just like a Petrol Station's setup!
It is about 11.30am when we reached and most people are still ordering their breakfast.
But we decide to order just from the Appetizer's menu.

"Stuffed Artichoke Bottoms Hand stuffed with crab meat and topped with our own blend of Asiago sauce"
The portion is really small but we love LOVE love, the cheesy and generous portion of the Asiago sauce.
"Lobster Bisque Fresh lobster cooked to perfection in Chef's blend of seasonings and cream sauce. Served in our hand carved, oven toasted bread bowl" 
In contrast the Lobster Bisque's portion is HUGE. The soup is thick but we didn't actually 'see' any LOBSTER, hahaha ~
"Maple Leaf Duck Breast Sautéed in garlic butter and spicy plum sauce, served over a bed of fresh spinach"
We kept thinking the half duck would have bones and would be so troublesome to have them in a restuarant, so we decide to order the Duck breast instead. I cannot decide whether it is GREAT or just ok-ok because maybe we have too high an expectation but the duck meat definitely smooth and tender. Maybe we do not really like the PLUM sauce because it is just 'sweet' and not as dimesional. It is like the typical, Plum sauce you find in Chinese buffet here. I like the bite though, soft and tender. Will I order this dish again if I am there, defintely "YES"!
The whole meal is satisfying and luckily we order only 2 appetizers and a soup; if not we will be too full yet agan! But the next time we are coming, I'll be definitely ordering the original famous Half duck and maybe their New Zealand Lamb!
Hubba is very definitely very happy about this meal too!
The restaurant is right behind a Conoco Petrol Kiosk!
Hope we find another 'excuse' to come back again!

If you are interested, this is the youtube video of Chef Point Cafe on "Diners Drive ins and Dives Chef Point Cafe by Guy Fieri"

10 Years Anniversay Coming UP, very soon!

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