Monday, July 30, 2012

9years9months9weeks9days - Pt. 1 The gifts ~

3633 days together ...

First came a UGLY bouquet of Hershey chocolates which I DON'T eat, so we returned this! Thanks GOD for USA's return policy!
Then comes a Chocolate Mousse cake from Ranch99.
It is surprisingly good although the chocolate taste is not strong but it is not disgustingly sweet.
And then the most important gift arrives, the long awaited Longchamp LM in Pinky Gold.
Wait must get approval from TOto our Royal Highness! 
Ok it's APPROVE!
I have been wanting to get a Longchamp because Longchamp's bag are so lightweight and casual! But I refused to get one of the Le Pliage because there are so many fakes everywhere. And I am determined to get one that  I like. Just recently the LM are having clearance everywhere and I missed out the Clearance at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales. Luckily hubba found another website that is selling the exact one I wanted at a even lower price!

I am a cheapskate, it is selling so cheaply in EUROPE which explains why I refuse to get them at the exorbitant price selling in SG or USA! And finally after Clearance, I am getting this a tad cheaper than Longchamp Europe online price!
But hate that it is WHITE inside the bag!
But then I am able to see clearly, where, what and where; everything is ...
And later in the evening my NEW CROCS arrive!
Love the new slipper wedge, the thick wedge sole provides a cushion for my heel; so comfortable to walk on.

-There will be a Pt. 2 coming up-

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