Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baked rice with Bertollli Vodka sauce Prawns

I got mushroom and I got cheese so I can Cheese Baked Rice. 

Prawns are the easiest to thaw ...
So here we go!
1) Prepare the rice, 2) Prepare the sauce, 3) Add the Cheese and 4) BAKED!
1.) Prepare the rice first.
Ingredient : Cooked rice, Garlic, Mushroom, Herbes de Provence, Butter, Pepper and Salt.
Click below to Read on for for my step by step Pictorials.

Monday, July 30, 2012

9years9months9weeks9days - Pt. 2 Chef Point Cafe (Watauga, TX)

Finally we found a reason to eatout, to celebrate our 9yrs9mths9weeks9days together! And we decide on this Restaurant recommended by a friend from Lewisville Dog park! He has such praises for it, we have to go down and check it out. It is a 1hr drive down to a Petrol Station Restaurant, also recommended by Guy Fieri from FOodnetwork! 

And their specialty dish is DUCK, a very rare dish on menu in Texas's restaurant!
5901 Watauga Rd
Watauga, Texas 76148
Phone : 1 (817) 656-0080
Read on for my adventure in Cafe Point.

9years9months9weeks9days - Pt. 1 The gifts ~

3633 days together ...

First came a UGLY bouquet of Hershey chocolates which I DON'T eat, so we returned this! Thanks GOD for USA's return policy!
Then comes a Chocolate Mousse cake from Ranch99.
It is surprisingly good although the chocolate taste is not strong but it is not disgustingly sweet.
And then the most important gift arrives, the long awaited Longchamp LM in Pinky Gold.
Wait must get approval from TOto our Royal Highness! 
Ok it's APPROVE!
I have been wanting to get a Longchamp because Longchamp's bag are so lightweight and casual! But I refused to get one of the Le Pliage because there are so many fakes everywhere. And I am determined to get one that  I like. Just recently the LM are having clearance everywhere and I missed out the Clearance at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales. Luckily hubba found another website that is selling the exact one I wanted at a even lower price!

I am a cheapskate, it is selling so cheaply in EUROPE which explains why I refuse to get them at the exorbitant price selling in SG or USA! And finally after Clearance, I am getting this a tad cheaper than Longchamp Europe online price!
But hate that it is WHITE inside the bag!
But then I am able to see clearly, where, what and where; everything is ...
And later in the evening my NEW CROCS arrive!
Love the new slipper wedge, the thick wedge sole provides a cushion for my heel; so comfortable to walk on.

-There will be a Pt. 2 coming up-

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I ♥ Jajangmyeon

When I was in Korea for holiday, I would if I could; eat Jajangmyeon EVERYDAY for EVERY MEAL! I have been wanting to test out this dish but I have been procrastinating, and finally I DID IT!
 And is is ALMOST like the the real thing, almost!
I even gotten some 'Korean' zucchini!
It is abit orangey in the center, look so interesting.
Diced up the ingredient.
Refer full instruction and ingredient list to Maangchi.com if you are not confident. I just do it my way, so there isn't any measurement! It is very easy, and I don't think there is a need to measure everything.
Ingredient : Pork belly, zucchini, onion, Korean radish and garlic.
I cannot live without GARLIC, so I have TO ADD them in!
The main ingredient PORK BELLY!
I parboil the meat, and diced them up.
The black bean sauce I used.
Pan fried the Pork Belly till a tad charred and crispy, and set aside.
Using the oil, add ingredient : Garlic, onion, potatoes and reserved pork belly.
Add Black bean sauce, stir fry and add water to cover ingredient in wok. I want to cook the potatoes first to make sure they are cook through. Throw in the zucchini last, simmer till everything soften. Final step, add potato starch solution to thicken everything into one big MESS of gluey goodness!
Adjust taste accordingly with, Sugar and salt.
I added some mirin, oyster sauce and corn syrup too.

Prep the korean noodles as according to package. I bought fresh Korean noodles, so I have to boil them, rinse the myeon in cold water, and drip them DRY!

Note to myself, make sure the "myeon" is abit dry before adding "Jajang" sauce.
And DIG in!
Hubby says, "ALMOST!"
I will add MORE Porky Belly the next time, or maybe just add a mixture of Pork Belly and minced Pork!?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Buncto - #87 Japanese Beef Curry

Yesterday while watching 姐妹淘心话, Hubba came home just in time and saw the episode when 沈玉林 and his wife is preparing this dish. He commented that it has been such a long time since I prep this dish for him. So here we go ...
Ingredients : Beef, potatoes, Mushrooms, Carrots, Onions, SB Curry paste and Beef broth.
These are the leftover Country style ribs from Pressure Cooker Stew Beef w Mushrooms I did last weekend. I pan-fried, and then cubed them to bited size and set aside.
Sliced the onion thinly and cubed the rest of the ingredients.
Sauted the sliced onions, add in the mushrooms, carrots, potatotes, and then beef. Stir-fry and mix well, and then add in the beef broth/water/chicken broth. After the mixture boil, simmer for 15minutes. Make sure potatoes are cook through and meat is tender, continue to add in the SB curry paste (cut them up). Stir to make sure the curry paste is well dissolve, and simmer for another 5-10minutes on small fire.
Easy one wok dish ...
Best with Japanese rice, OR Udon!
This is a really easy and yummy dish!
Hmmmm, I think I have celery in my fridge, WHY didn't I add them in!?
Arrrghhhh ...
This, I know Hubba would LOVE them!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Buncto - #86 Teriyaki Sauce Chicken w shrooms

Hubba complained that, yesterday's buncto (Rice Cooker Pork Belly Rice w Shiitake Mushrooms) was 'bland' and it has been so long since he has such bland food! Ok which means I did not add enough 'dried shrimps', will do it better the next time. But luckily I added 'Har Bee Hiam' (Dried shrimp sambal) at the very last minute!
TOday I decide to prepare something, "SWEET and definitely VERY SALTY"!
A heavily discounted sauce from KROGER.
USD3.49 is before discounted price.
I marinated the chicken with the sauce the night before.
Ingredients : 1 big pc of Chicken thigh, 1 box of shrooms, half sliced onions, 3x Scallions, and a few cloves of  garlics. 
I also prep an sunny side up for him.

Pan fried the chicken, sliced and set aside. Add oil to the same wok, continue to saute garlic, onions, scallions and mushroom. Add the marinate sauce, salt sugar and water. When water boil, starts to add the sliced chicken, cover and cooked till chicken cooked through. Add more teriyaki sauce if desired.

Hubba says GOOD!

It is sooooooooooooo SALTY and SWEET but he says GOOD.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Buncto - #85 Rice Cooker Pork Belly Rice w Shiitake Mushrooms!

This type of rice, is best for lazy, rainy days where everything will be dumped into one wok and then ends the cooking process in a rice cooker! But there isn't any RAIN in sight here in Texas, everyday is crazy 40C!

Arrghhhhh ~
Ingredient : Pork Belly, Dried shiitake mushrooms, Dried shrimps, Chicken broth, Garlic, Scallions and 1 3/4 cup of Jasmine rice.
Seasoning : Fish sauce, sugar and salt.
Soak the dried mushrooms, chop/blend dried shrimps (optional) and diced the aromatics.
Pan fried the Pork belly and diced them to bite sized.
Saute in order; diced garlic, dried shrimps, white part of sliced scallions, shiitake mushrooms and diced pork belly. When everything is saute and mixed well, add in uncooked washed rice. Stir well, and add Broth/water (water used to soak dried shiitake mushrooms). Measure liquid/water used as accordingly to individual rice cooker. Add in seasoning, a dash of fish sauce, sugar and salt. Remove from wok, adding into rice-cooker, and add water accordingly, if not enough.

The cooker will go to work by itself.
The dried shrimp + pork belly, 香!
Top with green part of scallions and fried shallots.
And I remember I have mom's 'Har bee hiam' (dried shrimp sambal chilli)!
Looks oily, decadant good ...
Recently I am trying to be 'Health Concious' for hubby so I  have been using Glass Container for his lunch! It's heavier but it should be healthier than using Plastic!
Hope he likes them ...

Monday, July 23, 2012

WOot Off - 8x Porcelain Containers

My first time 'Participating in WOOT off!
I was browsing Slickdeals.com 'accidentally' and saw that WOot is having an 'WOot off' event and just went in to see-see-look-look and saw this Porcelain set. 

These are very versatile container, and we are trying to use as less PLASTIC as possible. SO I CANNOT control myself and bought 2 sets!
Recently Lock & Lock prices are no longer compeitive and the shipping is ridiculously HIGH! Plus I have to pay tax here in Texas. So there is no more incentive for me to buy from their website. 
I used to LOVE buying from them but not anymore ...  
CON of Porcelain, they break easily ...
But they store food well in fridge and easy to wash.
And doesn't transfer food colouring or smell onto the container ...
Paid USD27+ for 2 set, 8 containers!
Cheaper than those PLASTIC bentos on ebay ...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

CROCS again!

As I aged, the one comfort that I cannot sacrificed for beauty is; discomfort of the feet! And recently, I will only take a 2nd look at 'reputed' shoes's brands like Birkenstock, Merell, Timberland, Fitflop, Skechers, and now Crocs. Crocs has been coming out with more 'HIP' and comfortable design! 

NO more cheapskate-but-look-so-cute-made-in-China heels that will TEAR my feet to shreds kinda of shoes!

Hubba only COMMENTED to me me when I asked for his security code, "I just wish you WILL actually wear the shoes!"

Hahaha but I really have bad reputation for buying and leaving it aside. I think that is problems for all ladies out there!? You think you need EVERYTHING but you will actually only use/wear that ONE shoes/tops/bags/pants. *Oppsie!*

Melbourne-II Short Vamp and Carlie Platform!
Hope they fit, the last pair of Crocs that I bought doesn't fit well, and I am still waiting to go to the store to do a exchange.

20% off  : LOYAL7792
Free shipping : SHIPCROCS


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