Saturday, June 9, 2012

Steam Chicken w Garlic, Ginger and Scallion <蒸蒜葱姜鸡>

Alot of chicken recently, because I have gotten a huge big packet of Chicken thigh (again) for a mere USD5+. I think TOto eats better than us, hahaha! Now that Hub is not working and 'enjoying' his life at home, we have to be more 'price' conscious and chicken meat is so much cheaper than other variety of meat! So, poor me have to make as much different variety as possible!

And yesterday I researched abit about ginger and spring onion with chicken; just because I have these ingredients at home!
I discover 姜葱鸡, it seems like a favourite dish in China/Taiwan.
It looks simple to prepare and very limited ingredient!
There are 2 different ways; either just add in the ginger/scallions into the chicken and steam or steam just the chicken meat, and prepare the aromatics and drizzle them on top of the dish.

I, of course choose the 2nd method!
I added more GARLIC than ginger because we don't really know how to appreciate gingerly taste but we both LOVE garlic which is why I initiate to add in Garlic instead of Ginger! And I prep the chicken thighs myself too; deboning and removing the skin and fats of the chicken. Chicken thighs with skin and bone are sold alot cheaper! And prepping this way makes eating so much convenient, hahaha ~
Ingredient : 2 cubed chicken thigh, 2 stalks of sliced spring onion and a knob of ginger (Prep into 2 type; mashed to a paste  and diced finely), 1 bulb of diced garlic.

Marinate for cubed chicken : 2 tsp fish sauce, 1 tsp soy sauce, 1tbsp sesame oil, 1/2 tbsp sugar and a dash of salt. (Adjust accordingly)

Seasoning : Sesame oil  
After marinating the chicken for at least half and hour, rubbed the mashed ginger into the chicken before covering up with alumiunium foil and steaming the dish for 20minutes. (I added abit more sesame oil and soy sauce before steaming them!)
When the chicken is cooked through, prepare the aromatics.

Heat up the wok and add about 1/4 cup of sesame oil + regular cooking oil. Add in diced ginger and garlic, till aromatic and continue to add in the sliced scallion. It will smell HEAVENLY at this stage! I waited till the garlic is a tad charred before removing and drenched it on top of the chicken.
This is the first time I am doing this so I don't even know how it would taste like; so excited because it smell so good!
The natural gravy from the steamed chicken plus the fried garlic+ginger+scallion = YUM!
But looks so oily right, hahahaha~

Best with just a bowl of jasmine rice!
I wonder if I do the same thing just for tofu and mushroom would it be as good?

Quick and Simple right!

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