Saturday, June 16, 2012

Singapore-style Hokkien Mee

Why did I delay till now to tryout "Singapore-style Hokkien Mee"? 

The reason IS because my mother CAN NEVER get close to the real thing! And the reasonshe gives is always,"Because we don't have the wok/fire, hawker uses!". And now I know that is NOT TRUE! 

And I thought the best father's day gift for hubby, would be to re-create the impossible "Singapore-style Hokkien Mee". I do not expect the taste to be 100% but I'll be happy with 60%!
So I'll just go ahead relying on my limited experience ...

And it is like finally I see yellow noodle here or maybe I didn't SEE hard enough?
I didn't have exact measurement for anything, this is more of a reminder to myself of what I did! When cooking, everything seems so blur and fast; it seems like I am in trance! It is a wonder now how I took these photographs. But luckily I did because I can refer back the next time if I want to do it.
Main Ingredient : Prawns, Sliced Squid, and Pork belly, sliced Scallion (Green part), 2 eggs and minced garlic.

Soup Base : Anchovies, Dried squid, Prawns shells and Pork belly (whole piece).

Seasoning : Fish sauce and sugar.
Prepare the stock by boiling a pot of water with; Anchovies, Dried squid, Prawns shells and Pork Belly and simmer for 25 minutes. After that parboil the prawns and sliced squid in the stock as well, set aside. 
Prepare both noodles (as according to packaging instruction) and set aside.
Sliced the Pork belly to bite size. Hubby complains the Pork belly that I cut up is too big, so reminder to myself to cut it to even smaller size.
Scramble the eggs and set aside.

Add oil, stir fry garlic and pork belly.
Then add both noodles and stir fry till coated with oil.
Add in all other ingredients and lastly the stock.
Simmer the noodles for to about 3minutes (??).
Hahaha I cannot remember I simmer for how long because I am scared that the noodles become too soft so I am quite kancheong at this stage. I want some liquid but  I don't it to be too wet! But I don't want it to be too dry either, so it is VERY HARD to gauge at this stage. Maybe the problem is the 'fire'?
Don't forget to season with fish sauce and sugar.
ON my first trial, hubby complains that the noodle is too dry and I agree.
So for the 2nd try, I added more stock and simmer the noodle longer.
It is more successful than the 1st time but I still feel that it is too dry.
I guess my fire control is NO GOOD!
But luckily the 'taste' is DEFINITELY there ...

I think I have to practise more to get the watery "Singapore style Hokkien Mee" that I like but then Hubby gave me a 85% score as compare to his usual Hawker stall that he used to patronize at Bukit Batok, which he say has 90% because I didn't have the Chili sauce that the usual Singapore-style Hokkien Mee always has!

WOW 85% from him is REAL HIGH marks!

But I think this make an excellent HAPPY FATHER'S Day gift for him!
Singapore-style Hokkien Mee in Hot HOT Texas ...

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