Friday, June 29, 2012

Buncto - #78 Preserved Sausage Fried Rice (Lap Cheong 腊肠蛋炒饭)

Hub has gone back to work! 
Yippeeee, finally I am getting some me-alone time back!
But I hate that I have to wake up @ 7am to prepare food for him.

Yesterday he says he will be busy and requested for Sushi.
And today I decide to do something simple again before I get 'creative' maybe say, next week?
Hahaha if not I just fried rice, fried rice and more fried rice, hahahaha.

I have been wanting to put this 'lap Cheong' fried rice up for record.
This taste like Char Siew fried rice but more fragrant, belongs to the 'sweet' rather than savory category!
And very easy!
Basic Ingredient : *1 cup of cooked overnight rice, 4 stalk of sliced scallions, 1 sliced preserved sausage (lap cheong), 1 bulb diced garlic and 3 eggs. (Optional : prawns/pork or chicken)

Seasoning : 1 tbsp Fish sauce, 1 tbsp of Sugar, and a dash of salt. (Adjust accordingly)
*1 cup; measured when rice is uncooked.
I sliced the 'lap cheong' thinly.
Scrambled the eggs and flash fry the diced chicken and set aside.
I added some marinated leftover diced chicken that is left sitting on the fridge. 
Trust me, just the 'lap cheong' is more than enough to flavour the dish.
Heat oil for stir-frying, sauté garlic until fragrant.
Follow by adding 'lap cheong' ,and the white part of the sliced scallions. 
Don't forget to stir, they burnt easily but I love the burnt part of 'lap cheong' ...
Add the egg, and chicken before adding the white rice.
Add seasoning, and keep stirring to break up all the rice making sure everything is evenly mixed and all the rice clumps break up! Hub loves pepper so I just ADD alot of it, with the green part of sliced scallion at the end part of the stir frying.
When everything is mixed up nicely, shut fire and put on a lid covering the wok to allow the fried rice to soak in all the flavor; while I wash up the dirty dishes!
Hub has to do OT, so I prep alot; almost a 2 meal lunchbox!
That is ALOT of fried rice inside but it smell so nice.
This is one of my comfort food!

I just gotten my new pressure cooker, what should I prepare to try it out!?

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