Friday, June 15, 2012

Pork bung w Ginger & Salted Soy Bean <猪大肠>

This is my 2nd trial at preparing Pork Bung! 

Mom would love Ranch99 if she knew that Pork Bung was sold pre-washed! 
She LOVES Pork Bung BUT it is such a tedious job to wash them, so it is very rare mom would prepare Pork bung unless specially ordered by us! But then it will also depend on her 'mood'! Mom has her own 'special' recipe using pineapple to stir fry with Pork Bung, but I didn't has the exact ingredient. So I decide to adapt the recipe from a cookbook; Carol 自在生活. The recipe adapted is from her latest cookbook; <<自在生活--- 涓涓的101道家傳好味>>. My parent-in-law has specially bought this book from Taiwan just for me, happy!

Main ingredient : Pork Bung
Although the Bung came pre-washed but I still washed them with salt and lemon juice, a few times. Then boil a pot of water and blanched the bungs for 2-3minutes, just to remove the Porky stench. (This step is not required but I think it helps with removing the stench!). Remove Bung and pour away the water. Boil another pot of water, add in a stalk of Scallion, a few slices of ginger and about 30cc of Rice wine. I guess all these will remove the Porky's stinky smell. Simmer for 50minutes.
While waiting preparing the rest of the ingredient.
Ingredients : 3 stalk of Spring Onion (1 just for the white part and smashed it, the rest sliced them) , a knob of Sliced Ginger, 4 cloves of smashed garlic, 2-3 Sliced Chilli Padi.
Seasoning : 2 tbsp of smashed Salted Soy bean, 1tbsp of Vinegar, 1-2tbsp of sugar, a few tbsp of water and a dash of salt.
Main component; GINGER!
Remove from water and rinse them clean.
Cut them to bite-sized.
Add oil, and follow by all the aromatics; Ginger, garlic, chilli padi and scallion.
When the house is filled with GINGER smell, add in the Bungs!
The house is CHOKING and SMOKY now, hahaha.
Stir fry abit ...
And add in the rest of the seasonings.
Cover and simmer for awhile.
Last step stir in the sliced scallions.
These PORKY RINGS are so Freaking delicious!
And I know it is freaking expensive in SG!
Each time when we have "Kuey Chap" in SG; 猪大肠头 is like 8$ for a very small plate! Maybe it is even more expensive now because it has been years since I ordered extra Pork Bung.
It is SO much easier here, I think I should source out MORE recipes on Pork Bung and TRY them ALL and maybe be an EXPERT in preparing PORK BUNG dish, muahahhahahahaha! 

Just kidding ...
These is finished in ONE seating!
Hub LOVES it.

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  1. A big thank you from another Singaporean living in Australia! I love Kway Chap but I'm surprised how inexpensive bung is here. My dad is the cook and he's saying intestines are getting more ex and harder to find now in the markets back home.



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