Sunday, June 24, 2012

Playing Host with 梅菜扣肉!

Hubby invited MrK aka TOto's uncle (equivalent to TOto's godpapa) for lunch!
 I very  much would want to do a 满汉全席, and if I can I WOULD!
There is no way we can repay him for all the kindness he has shown TOto and always ever ready to help us with TOto when we have to go back to SG.

So I prep what I do best, 家常小菜!
And the dish chosen are mostly my recent success; Pork Belly with Preserved Mustard Greens (梅菜扣肉), Vietnamese Chicken (Chosen by Hubby), Sg Style Bak Kut Teh and my usual Cabbage dish! With so many dishes, I still scared NOT ENOUGH, typical housewife mentality?
The Soup is the easiest and I woke up early in the morning to slow cook them making just the meat will just fall off the bone!
I prep 梅菜扣肉 the night before because I read somewhere the taste will be better if the dish is kept overnight! I panfried the belly and arrange neatly on the steam plate.
I soak the 2 type of 梅菜 (sweet and salty) for 4hours!
And followed my cookbook recipe CLOSELY, making sure it is NO FAIL!
Top the 梅菜 on top of the Pork Belly!
My Hakka COOKBOOK all the way from Sg!
And I steam it for 90minutes instead of the recommended 60minutes!
It is so convenient with Digital Electronic Steamer ...
And today, early in the morning, I baked a my 'Walnut Butter Cake'!
Hahaha it seems like the style here is to prep a dessert after meal? 
I half the recipe which explains the height ...
My messy kitchen during Preparation!
The aromatics for different dish!
When I unseal my 梅菜扣肉, it looks GOOD!
I wish I can deep fry the Pork Belly but it will be ALOT MORE WORK and waste ALOT more oil and I hate to do that!
The dish chosen by YQ, easy peasy!
I kept worrying whether all these dish are acceptable to play host?
Seriously MrK is the first person other than hubby to eat what I cook!
Even my own mom hasn't eaten MY FOOD ...

I hope he likes them, haha and judged me as a beginner.

MrK bought us DESSERT!
These Chocolate truffles are GOOD, typical Hubby kinda of favorite dessert!
SINFUL, creamy and SWEET ...
Haha I think I need to read up on how serve up dishes better and be a better host?


  1. The pork belly looks super good. Feel so hungry now. We are having friends over for dinner on Wed and I'm cracking my head over what to cook.

    1. Pork belly is good with ANYTHING hahahaha! Remember to take pictures and upload your feast yah! Hahahaha ...

      I can only host ONE PAX haha more than that I don't think I can handle kekeke ~ Plus our friend is a bachelor, so any homecook food shld be GOOD hahahaha!



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