Sunday, June 10, 2012

EuroCup Lunch Italy V Spain : Black Bean Duck Feet Soup! Pt 1

I had a weird craving for Mom's CHICKEN FEET soup and I wonder why!?

So I went ahead to buy CHICKEN FEET and black bean for the soup. And while washing and prepping the 'CHICKEN FEET',  I wonder why my Chicken feet is so Skinny and has WEB! I realised I have gotten DUCK FEET instead. And I spare no time and quickly googled DUCK FEET SOUP and it didn't yield much result! Hahahaha, I panicked abit but decide to go ahead with my plan and pray hard it work out well ...

I started the preparation like 8am in the morning!
And brewed the soup for almost 2hours plus!
Ingredient : One cup of black beans, about 15-18 Duck's feet, 4 Dried-salted Squid and a bunch of Red pitted dates.

Seasoning : Fish sauce, Sugar and Salt (Adjust accordingly)
1) Blanched the duck feet and set aside, 2) then dry fry the black beans 3) washed and pit the red dates and lastly 4) add all other ingredients together. 5) Add water ( Pot show liter with all the ingredient in it.).

6) Boil the ingredient and 7) simmer for another 2hrs.
8) Season to taste.
It was yum yum definitely smell like "Black bean soup", but Hub says that it taste more like "Pig's Trotter Black bean soup" but less oily! It didn't have the Chicken Savoury taste, more bland; and didn't have the smelly PORKY taste. A rather blander and less oilier version of Black bean soup.

And YUP Duck Feet Soup, cured my craving for Chicken Feet Soup too!
Note to myself; Duck Feet is WEBBED and Skinnier ~

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