Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chicken Stir-fry Cellophane Vermicelli <鸡块炒冬粉>

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Cellophane noodles (also known as Chinese vermicelli, bean threads, bean thread noodles, crystal noodles, or glass noodles) are a type of transparent noodle made from starch (such as mung bean starch, yam, potato starch, cassava or canna starch), and water. They are generally sold in dried form, boiled to reconstitute, then used in soups, stir fried dishes, or spring rolls. They are called "cellophane noodles" or "glass noodles" because of their appearance when cooked, resembling cellophane, a clear material or a translucent light gray or brownish-gray color.

Cellophane noodles are generally round, and are available in various thicknesses. Wide, flat cellophane noodle sheets called mung bean sheets are also produced in China. Cellophane noodles should not be confused with rice vermicelli, which are made from rice and are white in color rather than clear (after cooking in water).

Today is a cool and rainy day here in Texas; a rare but very welcome summer day! 
I gave hubby 2 choices for lunch either; 'Oyako Don' or Stir-fry Vermicelli and he chooses the vermicelli. So there you go ...

This is our recent favorite lunch and this week we already had the same dish, Twice!
Stir-fry Cellophane Vermicelli is easy and flavourful; and light for lunch too!
Let's start the preparation.
Ingredients : 3 stalks of sliced green onion, 3 eggs, 5 cloves of chopped garlic (as much as you like!), 1/4 sliced brown onion and 1 big piece of diced boneless chicken thigh meat and 4 bundle of Cellophane vermicilli noodle (depending on the size per bundle).

Marinate for diced chicken : 1/2 tbsp of dark soy sauce, 1/2 tbsp of fish sauce, 1tsp of salt and 1/2tbsp of sugar. (Adjust accordingly)
Soak Cellophane vermicelli noodle in cold water, till soften.
Scrambled eggs and set aside.
Add oil, follow by garlic and the rest of the aromatics (Only the white part of the sliced spring onions) ...
I used to hate all these garlic or onion stuffs but now when I am older; I CANNOT GET enough of them! When one gets older, tastebud changes as well!? Hahahaha ~
When the onion soften, add diced chicken pieces.
When the diced chicken is about 3/4 cooked; add 1/2 cup of water/broth, taste and season accordingly. I think I added another 1/2-1 tbsp of fish salt, about 2 tsp of salt and 1-2tbsp of sugar. You can add more dark sauce if you want too; so season accordingly to taste.
When the water starts to boil; add in the scrambled eggs, and the soaked vermicilli and the rest of the sliced green onions. Make sure to stir properly, making sure the vermicelli are coated thoroughly. Usually at this stage, most of the water would be absorb by the vermicelli, unless I added too much water. Switch to smaller fire, cover and cook through till water dries up. It is very fast at this stage, so please take note here. (But, I just cover the wok and switch off the fire, at this point; because the water is already dry up by the vermicelli.)
This is one of my favourite, to cook dish on lazy rainy day!
It is almost a NO FAIL dish because the Cellophane vermicilli is going to soak up all the flavorings that are added! Even a vegetarian's version will taste good with mushroom, carrot or cabbage!
* Yummmieeee*

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