Saturday, June 30, 2012

Buncto - #79 Simple Chicken Chop w Fried Rice

Arrrghhh, I have nothing much in my fridge!
And I wonder when I can go do grocery because Hubba will be very busy at work ...
And I have to prepare LUNCH and DINNER for him because he will be working overtime to rush his projects! Hahaha so I just have to fry ALOT of rice making sure he is FULL!
At the very last minute, I remember I still has skinless chicken thigh. I marinated them in the morning and sprinkle some spices on the chicken and just pan fry them.
Same style as what I did with HCP - Shortcut Indo Style Grill Chicken?

When the chicken chop is cook throught, I slathered  Kechap manis on the chop and added  red onion to the wok.
Smell SO GOOD!
Sliced the chicken and topped them onto the rice that is already divided into 2 portion!
My mom gave this to me when she knows that I prepare lunchbox for hubba to work!
She says this lunchbox can keep food warm for 7hours and this is verified by mother-in-law too!
Hahahaha ~

This is the 'IN' thing in Sg now; it works like a Thermal lunchbox but so much cheaper.
I wonder whether it can really keep food warm for so long!?
I'll be happy if they can do so for 4-5hours hahahaha.

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