Sunday, June 10, 2012

Black Sesame Muah Chee <黑芝麻麻糍>

Hub was looking around for some snack at home and asking me whether there is any cake around? But I was waiting to bake a special cake for 'Father's Day' weekend. So, how about some "Black Sesame Seed Muah Chee" for a weekend 3pm afternoon  snack?
The ingredients listed will be more than enough for 2pax, but Hub finished most of the Muah Chee by himself! Hahahaha, EVIL ME! And I secretly ADDED ALOT of SUGAR!
Ingredient : 125 gram Glutinous Rice Flour, 185 ml Water, 1 tbsp of Sesame oil (maybe can cut down) and a Pinch of Salt.
Mix all ingredient well; making sure all the flour are completely dissolve. Add batter into a microwaveable bowl and cover, heat for 4-5minutes. I overheated the batter and the mixture is not as chewily soft. I think I will steam the batter the next time, if I try again.

Grind 80 gram Black Sesame Seed and add sugar according to taste.

Topping the "Black Sesame Muah Chee" with the usual Peanut powder+Sugar mixture makes the Muah Chee taste even better! Quick and easy BUT the downer, still alot of washing ...

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