Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Black sesame mousse" & "Matcha mousse" w Matcha sponge cake

It was a very daring challenge on myself to plunge into such a difficult feat. I should have just settle with a green tea buttercream instead of "MOUSSE"!

I search for recipes and collected quite a number of them but end up using Mushitza's Mousse's Recipe (just because I had all the ingredient she listed!) and Aunty Yochana's Green Tea Sponge Cake.

The Sponge cake is Chiffon style and it didn't rise very much, I wonder is it because the recipes didn't has any rising agent and also only calls for plain cake flour. Some chiffon recipes do call for using  self raising flour. I added 2 tbsp of black sesame seed, and the cake and both of us loves the sponge cake and we immediately finished the cut away dome.
While waiting for the cake to cool, I tried whether my chocolate ganache can do a transfer!
I successful wrote out the wordings and freeze them in the freezer.
Hubby saw off the dome and half the cake for me.
I managed to prepare 2 set of mousse and pour it on top of the cake.
In the end, I piped out the Chocolate ganache.
The Chocolate ganache was not 'hard' enough to be pull out for a transfer.
I unmold the next day but the mousse was rather watery ...
1001 thoughts came into my mind, will the crake crumble because it is too wobbly?
What happen? What did I do wrong? Is it the recipe or is it me?
I found that the recipe for the mousse has a very high water to cream ratio.
And although I have reduced the water drastically but the mousse still seems watery.
OR is it because the mixture is still warm when I add it into the cream batter?
It is kinda of sad but maybe I have too high an expectation on myself!

In the afternoon, when we are having our 2nd piece, the cream has set much better in the freezer.
We can see that the different layers are now clearer ...

But the mousse cake becomes a ice-cream cake.
Luckily the sponge cake is nice but blah for the mousse.
Maybe the mousse is not suitable to use for covering cake, or I 'interpreted' the recipe wrongly?

But I would love to do the sponge cake again, maybe with a buttercream recipe!

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