Friday, May 11, 2012

The trip back to USA 2012

As long as you are in Singapore, they isn't much to worry about! And the QUEUE anywhere won't KILL YOU! So everything is SMOOTH sailing in this part of the trip ...
Our hand carry luggages!
Our usual last Singapore meal at Changi Airport!
We conquered the 1st part of the trip easily because the flight is a 2am flight so usually we slept throughout the 1st leg, and walking through Moscow custom checked is getting easier an easier! I think they are improving in the SPEED of the checks. While waiting Moscow airport provides FREE INTERNET, you just have to know which FREE ones to connect to!
Houston Immigration was HELL! 
We had to stand and wait for almost an hour before we reached the immigration's counter and the queue was supposedly consider short. And at the counter, the immigration officer told us he don't understand one of the terms, and we were 'invited' into the office! AND GUESS WHAT, this IS NOT the first time we encounter the situation! In the office we waited another 1 hour, and luckily there is an Senior officer (which is also the previous officer which helps us out) which sort of know and so luckily after he gotten our file, we can leave like immediately! It is like wasting 1 hour for NOTHING~

When we are at Budget Rental, this guy told us we can top up USD3 buckaroos for a FORD FOCUS. We rejected and also rejected every other stuffs offered. HIS FACE was BLACK and he ACTUALLY GAVE US ATTITUDE when Hub gave a wrong answer and has to reprint a form! I was like, "WTH!?" This is like the rare time when we get such bad services in USA!
In the end, we gotten a FORD FOCUS as well!
So obviously he is trying to cheat 3buckaroos out of us right!?
And it was a MAD TRAFFIC JAM along the highway when we drive out of Houston airport!
Then when the JAM ends, the RAIN starts!
The rain was so bad, there were times we couldn't see the ROAD at all!
But of course we still reached in one piece!

Everytime we return, there are always some drama waiting for us ...

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