Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Simple brunch - Chilli Okra and Tomato Egg

Since Hub is at home, I try to prepare lunch earlier so that we have a healthier eating habit!
I try stir-frying with Ocher HCP, and I hated it!
The fire is hard to control, and I guess the fire is too high; it sort of burn off all the liquid. Maybe it is JUST ME or I am just not use to using HCP but I can't deny 'Grilling' on HCP is the best because it gives a good charred effect to the meat ...

This is the first time I try stir-frying and also the first time I try doing a Okra dish!
Which explains the 'charred' effect because I didn't really know how to control the 'fire' on HCP.
Tomato egg was overdone too!
I love the way Taiwanese do their Tomato Egg, watery and soft ~
I guess I need to practice more!

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