Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kian Seng Seafood Restaurant @ AMK

It seems like a LONG LONG day today, and Part ii ...

Our main character, MR FISH HEAD!
It is a belated birthday treat for our dear friend ...
She choses Fish Head Curry,
and Tze Char @ AMK!
The food were simple but I love the dishes, they were to my likings!
Prices were rather reasonable too.
Portion was nice, not too much.

Simple dinner, and great friendship!
We ended the night at AMK Macdonald to finish HY belated Cake Eating Ceremony!
I enjoy myself SO MUCH, I laugh until cry and then still continue to laugh until stomach CRAMP and I still can laugh!
Love our friendship and camaraderie.
If we don't END the night, it will just go On and ON and ON ~
Thank you my friends!

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